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El Dorado County Ca. Sheriff Takes action against the USFS

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El Dorado County Ca. Sheriff is taking away the USFS' authority to enforce state laws within El Dorado County Ca. after many complaints from citizens, this will take affect on July 22 2013!!!! :yesss:

It's about time they were put in their place by someone with authority!!!


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A note of interest too, the El Dorado County board of supervisors registered a complaint with the governer's office protesting the ban on Dredging....... Good county with a great name

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Unfortunately this does NOT stop the enforcement of federal regulations,only state-maybe as goes in direct violation of federal laws supreme rights. I am not against this,think it's great,but like peeing into the wind only momentary relief but then life still stinks like rancid psssssssssssssss-Been to 2 Sheriffs roundhose meeting with a dozen +,just a troubling time in history when city folks run us outta the woods and rivers-first loggers-then commercial fishermen and now miners of all ilk...sic sic sic state of affairs. Kudus to El Dorado county--John

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