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Happy Birthday Au Seeker


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Thanks for the birthday wishes, eating a late hearty breakfast as I type this, I will be spending the rest of the day getting my gear checked out and packing for the trip to N.C., not a lot of packing as far as clothes,etc., but I need to dig out my highbanker and make sure the engine starts, packing up pans, classifiers, buckets, tubs, metal detector, etc., if the engine doesn't start I'll have to pull the carburetor and clean it, but hoping that will not be the case.

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Thanks everyone, it's been an uneventful but peaceful day, I did get everything pack and ready for my N.C. trip, I will have to pull the carburetor and clean it for the highbanker, I did get it to fire by putting a little gas down the carburetor so I know it will run after the cleaning, but I'll wait and do the cleaning during the evening after work on Tuesday in N.C., now it's about time for dinner and followed by some birthday cake, I hope I can blow out all the candles, that's really the hard part about getting older, more candles to blow out and less breath to do it!!! :old::th:

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How the heck did I miss this!!!!! :idunno: :thumbsupanim Happy Birthday Skip!!! :thumbsupanim if you can't blow out the candles just pour beer on em...that'll teach em not to put that many on the cake next time! :brows:

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