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Panners and Prospectors on Facebook...Spam Farm

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Yo All, I'm back up and grouchy so that's good ... I have a major spammer notice ... I, as some on the forums, added the Panners and Prospectors FB group and WHAM ... SPAM ... Someone named Thomas Weaver put something like 150 spams to my email in two days!!! I have resigned and blocked that group and Thomas Weaver from both my FB and my emails ... Just a heads up ... Cheers, Unc

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Good to see you back and dealing with all of that spam. It comes in from everywhere. I have had the same email address from a private provider for so long and get so much spam that I am an educated 'spam reader' now. I know a lot about the current spams out and about. I have run out of blocks but I don't find most of them destructive but the ones that send more than 5 a day are awful.

Most internet service providers and mail providers screen spam at the server level. I have mine turned off and I see all of the stuff that would be blocked.

I don't trust anything from someone I don't know. Don't open any attachments and you can take yourself off of legitimate sites.


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I know Thomas and I'm in that group,

No spam sent to me or a peep from other members of the group.

He's a distinguished Veteran.

It's not something he'd do.

Did you report the spam to Thomas or to Facebook?

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No, the first time I just deleted all the posts, the next day there were 155 new posts so I just quit the group and blocked both him and the group ... All the posts were promoting gold stock investments and the like ... Seemed pretty cut and dried to me! ... Cheers, Unc

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