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Yank in Australia finds big specimen

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Wish it were my find, but a buddy of mine from Dillon Montana, Bud, found this dream rock, laced with gold that after crushing and separating the gold, proved fabulous. The rock was detected using a ML 5000 with a NF 14" elip. coil at about 28" deep. Bud gave up on the signal after an hour of digging in hard rock and later came back with a mate and a crowbar to unearth the fine specimen. It was about 3" in diameter and 5 1/2 inches long. Didn't get a weight on the rock as we didn't have a scale that big. After "dollying" the rock (crushing )and separating the gold it ended up a just over 7 ounces from the one rock. It was found near Marble Bar, Pilbara District, Western Australia, 6/21/2013. Two pic's--before the roo are largest piece from rock at 67 grams. post-25966-0-16050100-1371910458_thumb.jpost-25966-0-50083900-1371910567_thumb.jpost-25966-0-51490800-1371910618_thumb.jpost-25966-0-10393800-1371910760_thumb.jpost-25966-0-51949700-1371910937_thumb.jpost-25966-0-61944100-1371910990_thumb.jpost-25966-0-50556400-1371911044_thumb.j

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Fantastic!!! :yesss:

Macgyver, I have a question, what are the Australian laws now-a-days on bringing gold out of the country when a visitor finds such a hunk of gold, and if they allow gold to go out of the country, would it make a difference if someone found one of those BIG nuggets that weights say 50 to 100 ounces or more??

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FM I agree completely on the region.....people here don't realize how hard the ground is there....I got a signal

that was only about three inches deep and I completely destroyed two cold chisels busting the nugget out

of that hard soil that looked just like that in the pics above.....

If I were to go back I would include in my "war bag" at least two rock mason chisels......

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Marble Bar was one of my favorite spots during my first trip to Oz...that and Nullagine...just love that country!!! Nice gold, they will never work get it all...


Fred me and you need to pay another visit to Nullagine.....I also loved the detecting there....did you meet the Americans living in Nullagine?

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In a tent at night you'll freeze your buns off.....then by 1000 you'll fry.....but it's a dry heat (maybe)....the night

before you go to bed, look around camp and find a tree that has needles on the ground simular to pine tree

needles.....scoop up a couple of hand fulls and put them under something that will keep them dry because

the night air is moist.....then gather your wood for your camp fire for the next morning....finding wood isn't a

problem because there are at least one million trees that are all the same....problem is you can't cut them

so you have to have a sledge hammer.....just hit the tree as hard as you can and it will shatter into pieces....

Have your stacked pieces of tree ready in the morning and all you have to do is put a couple of hands full of

the "pine needles" on the wood and stand back when you throw the match (red heads work good) on the wood....

Now you will need good quality cooking utensils.....that wood will burn so hot it will melt cheap Aluminum....

Have a fire grill big enough so when your brewing your coffee you have room for your frying pan....now go over

to the tree that you didn't smash for fire wood and get your slab of dried meat.....as you cut strips carefully

scrape out the maggots then throw the meat into the frying pan and cook breakfast with meat and eggs.....

Never ever leave your tent flap/door open for even a minute or you'll have at least as many flies in inside as

there are trees (millions).....go to Wal Mart and buy two or three of their "head nets" that either go over or

under your hat.....I could tell you about the flies but it's something that Americans just don't get....you have

to experience them to understand, then you'll never forget....

Don't worry about the 12 different poison snakes they have since you have on boots and snake guards....but

be sure to keep your eyes open for the big a$$ spiders that string their tough webbs between those trees....

they are also poison.....

Spinafix, a bush that is a lot like "cat claw" on steroids.....it starts out in life about 1/2 the size of a fist....the first

year it gets to about the size of a five gallon bucket.....the second year the size of a pick-up bed....3rd year the

whole pick-up.....again it's something Americans have to experience to appreciate and yes there is gold under

them.....and snakes.....and their about as many as there are trees (millions).....don't even try to get under one

because you won't make it....unless you like to bleed a lot....

Late one afternoon I saw two guys in a Ute driving slow down the road (track) and they would pause beside a

Spinafix bush and toss a "red head" match in the bush, then speed away....good thing to because that bush

will explode into a ball of fire within seconds....they fired about one mile of these bush"s and the fires are so

hot they explode the bushes close to them so in minutes you have a huge area on fire....

Remember when in those dry areas that gold won't keep you alive but WATER will.....

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Australia has a Heritage Law that forbids exporting any natural gold nugget of/over 300 oz...you still own it but they control it...I would be happy to have that problem when I get back to Oz...???

Flys the national mascot and favorite pet...if you have seen pictures of the flys that breed around Mono Lake or the great Salt Lake...that is only a slight exaggeration...but, if the wind is blowing or it is too cold they don't bother you much...I prefer the headnets over my broad-brim hat...

The ranchers, prospectors and Natives all light the spinifex off...there is no other way to renew the grazing value in the grass...and the plants in Oz have adapted to that cycle...the out of control fires that the eastern side gets is because, like the usfs, they stopped allowing the brush and grass to be burned off in a timely manner.


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