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I will be off line for a week

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Just so everyone knows, I will be going to N.C.early AM Tuesday the 25th thorough the 1st of July to do some work on a remodel for my boss, I should be finished with the work on hopefully Thursday, and then I will be going to other parts of N.C. Friday, Saturday and Sunday to do some highbanking and metal detecting, and hopefully finding a little gold and maybe some other treasures.

I don't have a laptop to use to get online, but I do have a Nook, that I can get online with if I can find anyplace with a wireless connection, so my being online during my travels maybe iffy.


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Klunker, what the heck are you doing on this forum when you could be out rippin up some bedrock with your choice of heavy equipment? You know....dig dig beep beep dig dig beep beep! Heck, you do the dig dig I'll do the beep beep. To many bears at my summer spot. My cut is all the cold beer in Town!

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El D. I'll Finnish the sampling project tomorrow. had a leaky hose (that's against the rules) so I had to come in early for a replacement. I'll PM you a good story. Do circuses ever have more than three rings.-Yes.

Your spot is still vacant.

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