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mineral Rights question

Golden Ray

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Have found a 40 acre parcel of land in northern NV., that is being

sold with 25% mineral rights. Plan on doing metal detecting & drywashing

on a slightly larger scale then usually.(small back hoe)

The realtor has no answers for me as to depth, distance, etc.

Has anyone any info. on this situation.???? :D

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Golden Ray

Be very careful! Do you know who owns the other 75 percent of those rights?

I hope that you like them because they will be your new partners. You will have to

split everything you find with them ,as in 75 cents of every dollar that you find.

Your real estate agent knows the score,but is not talking,for good reason. Even

though it is private land,you will still have to jump through lots of legal hoops,for

any mining activity. The folks that own the other 75 percent can still demand their

share whether they help or not.

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I'm pards with some people on my placer claim. The claim

is on NFS land.

We have an agreement that he who works benefits.

Make friends with your pards, you may be able to nagotiate

better terms. After all, YOU are doing all the work.

My point is, everything is nagotiable. :brows:

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I had a fella tell me something once that just might help you. Depending on the state. You will have partners on any LODE gold or other stuff (oil etc.) but not on placer. Placer gold did not originate there so it's more like "finders keepers" as if somebody lost a $5 bill and it blew onto your property. I would check that aspect out but of course you could just "do it" and life goes on unless somebody can prove something.

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I dont think you can actually own mineral rights in Nevada, per my wife "real estate agent". You have to have either a claim or patent. Buying the land gives you no rights to the minerals. You should ask a second real estate agent that specializes in land deal...it sounds like the one you have does not no the score. :idunno:

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Yes you can buy land with the mineral rights in Nevada. It is not often sold with the rights,

but there is land there ,that does include those rights. Lots of old patented claims have

been sub divided ,and sold with partial or all mineral rights. Several of the Federal sales ,

and grants included those rights too.

As in several Western States ,a lot of the land was granted to the railroads,including all

mineral rights. Some of this has been sold over the years with the mineral rights included.

Check with the title company. If your ground contains those rights it will be noted on the deed.

With that said, partial rights are a can of worms to deal with. Most of those partial rights were

included to bait suckers to buy some of those 40 acre ranchettes in the middle of no where.It

goes a lot deeper than than you may know for a partial right to be of any real value,or benefit.

Talk to a real mining or real estate lawyer,before getting too excited.

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