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1860 Federal Navy Button & Silver

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Was up at 230am this morning and could not go back to sleep. Cruised the forums until I took the better half to work at the hospital at 530am, then headed over to an old park here in town. Scored a few nice keepers including the 1860 Scovill Federal Navy button, a 1936 Mercury dime, 1942 nickel, and four Wheats. I’m not sure on the age of the Corgi toy, but I am very happy with my two-hour hunt this morning.



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That's great Terry!! So basically you time traveled today :thumbsupanim As far as getting up at 2:30 and not being able to go back to sleep, I can't relate, but my advice is take two Sam Adams Double Bocks & thank me in the morning! :4chsmu1:

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Great day huntn Terry nice finds.
Hapy Huntn

P.S I haven't been out in soo long I forgot how to turn on my detector :cry2:
Almost finished with this 2 month project for the wife, then its off into the desert for awhile.

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Hi Terry.

Those are really great fun finds! Everything seems in very good shape. Thank goodness for the dry climate.

My weekend finds were a tad less than spectacular. I was out looking for coins or whatever, and found 2 bottle caps, a ring with link, and what looks like pieces of the sole of a shoe with the nails still in it. The second photo shows a broken or snapped braided steel cable loop. I found it by sight buried in leaves and pine needles. Weird looking thing; like a wire sculpture or something. I posed it on the stump for the photo.



Never found the hoped for coins! Next time...

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