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I Believe I Found a Meteorite...

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I have been doing my research and have been hunting rocks since I was a kid. I have gathered tons of rocks in my life but this one caught my interest. I almost didnt keep it because I was collecting rocks for an pond that Im building, gathering from new construction sites. I about left it because it wasnt that colorful and didnt stick out much until I went to pick it up. I had an rock in the other hand that was bigger than the one I believe to be a meteorite and I noticed it weighed significantly more than the other, about 5x the weight. So, I figd I would keep it since it seemed unusual. I keep my more unusual rocks in a separate pile and my neighbor noticed it and told me I should put a magnet on it to see if might be a meteorite. So, I waited and couple days and figd what the heck might as well try and of course it stuck. Being the rock hound that I am it struck my interest quick and started doing my research. What I have found so far gives me every reason to believe that it is and no reason to believe that it isnt a meteorite. From what I can tell, you can see how it flew through the air and where it impacted just by looking at it. I tried to contact a specialist here in Indiana and the Indiana University but I kinda of just got the cold shoulder. I know they have a lot of people who try to show them rocks that may be a meteorite, but most are not. So, saying all this I am turning to you guys in hopes for some guidance or help. I know meteorites usually have a shiny crust and you cant see it well in the pics, but on parts of it you can see the remnants of the shiny crust. It also has a real big beautiful flow line in it as well. Feel free to ask question or give input!

Here some pics











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These fellers are correct, definitely not a meteorite, also, as much as homefire points out that it looks characteristic to basalt,

then after conciderin yer region, and it's history, and just from lookin at it? I don't think it's igneous and obviously not

sedimentary, so, I'll put a $1. wager on it bein a glacially deposited, iron rich, metamorphic schist, imho.


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Thanks for all the input guys!

Def. not basalt and doesn't quite look or have the characteristic of a metamorphic schist....

What would be a good tool to use to cut a window into it? I have a shop saw at work I could use to grind it... I would have done it already but if it was or is a meteorite I didn't want to damage the degrade the specimen.

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use a whetstone...they are cheap at home stores-awhetstone will not contaminate the specimen with metal...you will not ruin the stone...or any meteorite by opening a small window on the least attractive side ...none of the attributes that would indicate a meteorite are in your pic...except it is magnetic...there are many iron-stone type rocks...sorry.

go to meteorlab.com or meteorite.com or get some of O Richard Norton's books


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100% doesn't look like a meteorite to me, looks like a rapidly cooled basalt. What tests have you done that led you to believe it's a meteorite? Does it stick to a magnet? Window it and scratch test? Bulk density?

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Thanks Fred. I got a whetstone and filed it down. I pick the spot that looked like it had the least crust to file through, which is near what I believe to be the entry point or front of the meteorite. This is what I got after a couple hrs of filing...




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