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Dig Wars on Travel Channel

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I'm watching a show I have never seen before called Dig Wars. There are teams of relic hunters set out on locations in a competition. Naturally they have crazy stuff to say but they are finding lots of stuff.

Has anyone watched it? I guess you can't because tonight was the first night.



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I was VERY disappointed in the show. Just another formula format that sells a lot of metal detectors and puts thousands of barely educated 40-60 year old wanna-be treasure hunters in our parks and historic sites digging holes and making it harder for the rest of us to go about our hobby or get permission to hunt private property.

Ultimately this – and other shows like it, do nothing to help our hobby. They will just cause more towns and cities to ban detecting in parks and public spaces. Inflated values, scripted dialogue, hunting locations NOT open to anyone else, and none of the hard work of digging hundreds of garbage targets (canslaw and pulltabs) was depicted. It makes us all look like camouflage wearing imbeciles that are incapable of using proper grammar or just enjoying the hobby for anything more than a moneymaker – In my never humble opinion.

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Silence is golden as then your not in the enviro/preservist/wacko "limelight". They can't hate what they know not and all this recent PR is horrendous :arrowheadsmiley: temporarily good for mfgrs as they sell sell sell but within a very short time it turns around and bites all us users in the arse with more restrictions,bans,permits,BS.. :th: John---dredging is a perfect example and now highbanking/sluicing/panning under fire too sic sic sic :Just_Cuz_06:

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All of these shows just bring out the WannaBees and wake up the Conservationist . We end up with more Regs ,Rules and Laws and they pocket the Quick Term money.

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AMEN to all, its total BS as I said on another post today. Write to the sponsors and let them know you will be boycotting their products and why.

I see the same phony hunts put on for nuggets right here in AZ.


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