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Blaze on an Ironwood Tree

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Found this blaze on an ironwood tree in a wash in the lower Chocolate Mountains, Imperial County CA this past February. My experiance on harvesting iron wood is that the yellow sap wood stays yellow for 20 years or longer. There is a lost gold shipment story, concerning this area in the 1890 - 1910 era. Googled in tree blazing under treasures and nothing came up. Anyone have thoughts on this? Thanks,bob


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Twenty paces to the North- two saber lengths deep. I'm positive. (just kiddin') I have seen many claim boundaries and property lines marked with blazes shaped just like that one. Love finding that kind of stuff.

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Just started dry washing the wash just north of the blaze, and recovering some gold with my wet/dry mixer. There are old monuments both north and south on both sides of the wash. Each consist of three large rocks with a short piece of steel rod stuck in the center. Must be the blaze is the discovery marker. Its a half mile hike over two mountains to get to it. Glad my mixer is less then 20lbs with digging tools. Just started working it. BLM was giving me hell for awhile but now its to hot for them,but not for me. Thanks, bob



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