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Here is the e-mail link to Fish and Shame regarding the emergency meeting to stop the Dredge workaround


Please take the time to write a e-mail citing scientific and economic benefits. We cannot be reglated out of the water for propsed harm. It would especialy be beneficial if guys like Hoser, who have been on the front lines could give us newer folks to the fight some insight on what these e-mails should contain. All you out of state guys who have prospected and wish to prospect the golden state need to chime in and let them know that you will not bring your vacation dollars to a state which does not respect the rule of law and the scientifice evidence that they collected in 97 and 09. Lets make some lemonade from lemons boys.

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If you wonder what’s up here?

A few ingenious good old boys figured out a way to circumvent CA dredge regulations, so they could dredge.

IMHO, more power to them, as the ban is just plain wrong

Beginning in early 2013, but in earnest in March and April 2013, evidence began to surface that miners might be modifying vacuum and suction dredge equipment to evade CDFW’s regulatory authority under Section 5653 and, importantly, the statewide moratorium prohibiting the use of any vacuum or suction dredge equipment for instream mining purposes.

The links below tells the story.



A finding of emergency based only upon expediency, convenience, best interest, general public need, or speculation, is not adequate to demonstrate the existence of an emergency. (CEQA § 11346.1, subd. (b)(2).)

Attached PDF file is good scientific info showing no harm


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CA-DFG is driven by politics, and the money behind those politics. Sadly, there are far more fishermen trout unlimited, etc, far more tree huggers, Sierra Club, etc, far more river lovers, tribal interests, etc, etc against dredging, than there are dredgers. The law is on the side of dredgers. That matters not, because the money in CA is behind the greenies. With money, you can warp, twist, degrade the law and in this case ignore solid science & verifiable facts that dredging has a De Minimis effect on the environment.

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Spent a lifetime proving that fact and defending rights through actions within REAL mining rights groups-groups gone... same as rights-no surprise as when money talks truth and justice walks. Run what ya brung and F'M' all-John :evil1:

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