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You couldn't have posted this at a better time. :yesss:

Been wantin' to redo my riffles for awhile, now I can

fine tune them.

Currently, 1:1/1.5 slope, 1" high riffles.

Riffles sloped ( approx. 45*) down stream at about 4"

separation. I changed from a 1.5" nozzle

to a 3" this year. Water/material jumps

over every other riffle. I need to read some

more of the file, I may change to an upstream "tilt" to my

riffles and rethink my spacing. Oh ya, I'm putting

together a ten inch wide sluice to replace the 8".

Cutting the length from 18 to 12'.

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Alright, I can't help myself... I was so excited about this study when I first ran across it a few years back that I designed a power sluice based solely and exactly and the study's results and conclusions. I remember back when testing the proto-type and watching the water rushing through at 150gpm and thinking: "this is gonna blow out the fine gold". Then I panned the cons and found out the studies were spot on! That water speed really does create the low pressure areas that 'drop' the heavies. The CC690 sells all over the world now with machines shipping to Madagascar (who knew?) and Thailand this week. Anyway, I give the study two big thumbs up!

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