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Minelab Buried Cable Interference Question

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I know this is a little off topic from Gold Nugget Shooting, but I did find this while nugget shooting last weekend, and I was wondering how many of you while hunting with a Minelab or PI detector, come across large interference in the ground, wobbling big time? The buried cable type of wobbling/ interference. I have only come across this 2 or 3 times. I came across a large buried cable from a phone company a few years back, and you cant get within 50 or 100 feet of these cables without the detector going crazy, but it had markers on top indicating buried cable every so many feet. Within the last year I have come across these types of buried cables in the middle of the desert with no markings, signs, or civilization around twice so far. I just find it odd to have these buried cables with no indications running in the middle of the desert. Would love to hear any others that have come across the same situation.


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I have two beaches where these cables are buried and I have tried the 5000, SE Pro and 3030 on them and they all freak out my machines. One of them for sure has high voltage transformers on the ground near so that is part of it.

Out in the desert I have seen the gas lines and some cables near the RR tracks but I have not seen the trench out in the middle of no where. I'm sure that they are there because communications backups need cables, fiber and other systems for secure, reliable transmission.


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I also have come across some areas like you describe Dave and wondered if perhaps military had cables buried or.... ? I suppose some sort of natural phenomena could cause it, but wouldn't know what.

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Last winter Maureen and I were detecting near the dome rock area by Quartzite. Maureen had a pretty strong signal and dug down approximately 20'' in a small wash and came to a bright orange fiber optic cable. She thought she was digging up a old rusty tin can or a whopper piece of gold. After I took some pic;s she covered it back up.


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