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Look in very isolated area’s, where placer gold was mined way back in the less than $20 an ounce days. If possible look in area’s where no roads existed, until the WW2 era, or after. Look in area’s where no rivers capable of canoe or raft transport was possible. Look where at least some flowing water exists, even seasonally. No disrespect meant, look in areas where few if any Chinese mined. Don’t look in area’s where permitting is made impossible by the existence of, or critical breeding habit exists for some ESA listed sensitive or endangered species of flora/fauna. Pay particular attention to where so called seam diggings or residual placer existed at high elevation, where not much water was or is available. Pay attention to area’s known to traversed by tertiary old channels that are well known to contain gold. Particularly those area’s dissected by lots of modern day streams that cut through & reconcentrated old channel placer gold.

There are sound reasons for looking in places described above.

Those are just a few of the placer gold prospecting prerequisites, if you are prospecting for a relatively high grade large yardage placer deposits.

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EM if you ever visit here your going to go into overload over the prospects that you describe above that are present

here over large areas.....makes me wish I was a Geo.....

Thanks for that good post and info.....

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Forgot to mention, old maps & original township or area surveys with “field-notes” covering gold bearing country can also (sometimes) reveal very valuable prospecting information. A lot of places didn’t have names before gold seekers arrived & the names places were given came from prospectors or placer miners that were 1st to get there.

Obviously, names like “Rich”, “Nugget”, “$100“, “Midas”, “Eureka“ ” etc creek, gulch or ravine meant they found significant gold there. Anything named “Humbug” usually meant, not worth digging in. So names like 2 Bit, 4 Bit, 6 Bit, Whiskey, Coffee, Bacon, Beans often carry meaning having to do with how much gold was found., or what they could purchase with that gold.

During winters, when snow is deep in the isolated high mountain country & I can’t be walking ground worth prospecting. I read a lot of the old County, State, Fed/Gov & Institutional reports on mining, mining districts, etc that often lead me to worthwhile prospecting ground. Historical societies also often have a lot of informative data on old time placer gold mining, correspondence, diaries, memoirs can reveal lots of significant & sometimes very valuable information.

I was led to good placer ground, from mention in a gold rush era letter

“we found ample gold here, except there is only water to wash auriferous gravel for at most three weeks in early spring, as local snow melts. Once that is gone, there is not a flowing water for 20 miles, and that would be to costly to ditch here”.

The ground we are now working was found by historical reference that stated :

“ When we cannot recover a ¼ ounce from a square yard of bedrock exposed, we starve out”.






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Working a gravel bar at a site where the Chinese worked in the 1860's.

The previous claim owner, who worked the claim from the 30's 'til mid 70's,

spoke of working an anceint waterfall. I think I found it, production improves

the deeper we go. Of course, his workings are buried again but I'm sure I

found his spot(s).

Just following the bedrock leading from a Basalt out cropping that the stream

has cut through.

There are a few sites on the claim where the Chinese stacked thousands of rocks

they removed from the stream. Still trying to figure out where their camp was, no

surface remnants remain.

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