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Well, hell, can't find the righ thread so here goes...Poison for Dogs

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My partner, Shadow Patch, has been munching on one of our nice house plants, a Jade Plant, for about three weeks, and has been acting more and more puny ... Last few days having vomiting and diarrhea and got way off his feed ... I started researching and it turns out the Jade Plant, pretty as it is, can be deadly to cats and dogs ... I'd been seeing him munch the Jade Plant leaves, but they don't look deadly and he seemed to enjoy them ... But when he got so sick I started researching dangerous stuff for dogs and it turns out that Jade Plant is extremely toxic for dogs ... We got rid of the Jade Plants that we had in the house, but he's still not feeling too good ... Taking him to the vet first thing Monday AM ... Anyhow, heads up, if you have either Jade Plant or , interestingly, Aloe plants (that have the same effect) ... Take care your pup or cat doesn't get into eating them .. Cheers, Unc

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Almost all plants that have variegated leaves (2 or more different colors, usually green and white) are toxic not only to animals but to humans as well.

I know that the Jade plant doesn't fall into this category but I thought I would add that info.

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When my was the medical examiner back in Hawaii he ran into a very strange situation. A couple of tourist went camping and decided to cook up some hot dogs. Well not having anything to cook them on they cut the nearest plant which had some nice straight branches and proceeded to cook up the hot hot dogs. Two people died and three were so sick they spent a week in the hospital. DUH! He later found out that they had used the branches from an oleander bush. He contacted the local newspaper and had them write up an article about this plant.

My advice: when in doubt just eat the darn hot dogs raw or throw them in the fire for a nice toasty/crunchy flavor.

Aloha and stay safe out there,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Jade is Toxic but I don't think enough to make your dog sick buy eating a few chunks. My guess is it got into something else.

May have been a bad bone or food from some place. We had a person around here baiting Hot dogs liaised with Antifreeze or Ethane Glycol.

Barfing is the First Symptom. Not Kidding here. Only Remedy is to get the Dog Drunk. Keep them that way until they pass the Glycol. Glycol it's self is not Toxic It's the products the Liver makes that is. If you Keep it full of Ethanol the liver has no time for the Glycol and it passes through.

Ask Any Vet!

For about $100.00 a day the vet will put your dog in a lockup with a .01 Ethanol Drip.

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Patch is back up and running today ... He barfed up a bunch of the Jade Plant leaves and pooped his brains out ... Now he's back to his old self ... I ran across an online vet who said that, unless he ate a couple pounds of the leave, he would just be a sick puppy for a while, but to definitely make sure he couldn't get to eat them any more ... I'm glad 'cause I sure am attached to that black dog ... Cheers, Unc

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Been wating for your vet report on Patch. Glad to hear that he just has a tummy ache from acting like a young pup. They are just like kids, they get into everything even when you think that all around is harmless. I know what you have been through and am happy for you two, Ron. That's a fine dog and give him a pat on the head for me.

Old Tom

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