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Drywashing Report !!


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Buncha dirt humpin freaks!! Very, nice Adam! You gonna keep goin and clear out more that

wash before the next rain? Too bad you don't have yer hands on a GPR you could use to

know more accurately where to dig on the deepest and most jagged crevices that are the most

concentrated along the length of any given wash? It could make a day like ya spent, just a little

more productive maybe? I'm only sayin this after eyeballin yer "aftermath" photo, and thought,

"man, if you could get a look at the bedrock, that clearly, along a wash, before you did

any diggin, one could pick-and-choose the very best spots". Maybe some outfit out

thataway rents GPR's? So long as the cost wasn't to high on such a rental. Don't know

if'n you fellers considered something like that. But, a lot of work and very, VERY nice! :thumbsupanim


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That is a bunch of hard work for sure, but as a pervious bedrock cleaner myself (dredging), I think you may be leaving gold behind. I see many cracks in that bedrock that have not been broken out and cleaned up, possibly a couple of crevice areas that could be broken out too. I will bet a meal at a drive up window you would improve your recovery by a serious percentage if you started to go after the gold that loves to hide (even from the Gold Bug) in those places.

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rockhunter1620 In this area , it is mostly nice jagged bedrock with gold values from the inside to the outside and throughout the overburden. So the reality is, that everything should be worked regardless of location rock type or depth.. If you look at the aftermath photo, you`ll notice that my cut into the bank on the bend continues up stream on the left side. I have already worked that part in the past and all the creek for an additional 80 feet or so. There are some deep spots that I am not looking forward to. :grr01:

El Dorado are you trying to make me work even harder ? :4chsmu1:

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Last week at the WSPA Outing a 6 X 6 area was dug down to bedrock and vacuumed to nice clean bedrock. Then a different person went to that spot a day later and broke the cracks, scraped out the crevices and got more gold the the person that did all the hard work,

Just hate to see you doin all that hard hot dusty work and leave gold behind

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Wow! That's a nice pile of gold. No two cents about it.


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Now lets talk about this breaking out the cracks stuff LD. How much gold did that guy get in comparison to the gold you got out of the 6X6?

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