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another short hunt

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Another short hunt!

Was gonna be hot today, so got out early. Had my coffee, constitutional, abit of eats, and hit my pond. I hunted in GHs combined w/ stock coil for first 3 hours. As per Freds recommendation, dug most targets. Coins all corroded, pennies, nickels, dimes. Pull tabs galore, gold ring, melted aluminum, square deals not sure what they are yet. Soaking in olive oil as we speak.

Switched to my new 6 coil, second half of hunt. Picked out some pennies amongst trash that Id missed before, but in all fairness, I was cherry picking last week.

Gotta do some thing, if I cant go to AZ and find gold. Hey, did I mention I found a gold ring? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pulling all those pull tags and melted aluminum paid off. Ring has two stamps, that I cant read even under magnification, but more creamier butter color than 14k. Will have it checked. Bummer is, showed it to wife, and it fit, ;-( Hate Karma!





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Great job my friend. You seem to be getting pretty good with that new machine !!

But you have to admit, Donna will look much better in that ring than you......

Hang in there, it will only be a few months till it cools off enough for your first trip down here to AZ. Actually, it's only 107 here at the moment. Worse to come......

Till the next time,


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That ring is a great a find, looks old to me!!! :thumbsupanim

Even with it having "stamps" it could still be very old, if made in Europe they have been stamping precious metal items for purity/maker marks, etc. for at least 100 to 200 or more!!!

Get a lope to see what the stamps are!!!

There are website that have most all of the European maker marks listed to be able to ID when/who maybe made it!!

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Very nice! I found a platinum ring that was that weight. It sure feels good to have a substantial piece of jewelry in your hands.


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Shep beeping in 107° ain't tough!!!! Going through what you have to do before you even get into your pick-up....driving

to the hunt area.....beeping in that cold morning air.....then when it gets comfortable you have to drive back home and

sit all afternoon in A/C drinking cold beer.....THAT'S TOUGH!!!!

Now thinking back I'm wondering why in the heck I ever gave up 25 years of coin beeping for prospecting....guess I got

weak and old can't handle the tough stuff anymore..... :old:

Good gold ring....hope you can find out more about it..... :idunno:

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Great finds and fun n' the sun sounds great. We hit 105 yesterday at 3pm and bubbling away in the jacuzzi,swimming in the poll was a real chore but someone has to stand up and do the real tough jobs ya know. Actually blew back out winching logs/boulders with a manual winch---hahaha what was a stupid ol'man thinkn'?? Oh that's right I wasn't thinkn'--2-3 a day NOT 7 pulls cranking,rechoking by myself-John

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