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It is pretty amazing what time & erosion can do.

Few years back, running a metes & bounds survey line in CA Sierra Nevada gold county.

I bumped into an undocumented mine dump.

Portal was completely “sluffed” in, caved & you would have never known it was there.

If it were not for the “dump” extending from where the portal was.


By the size of the tree’s growing out of it, I estimated it was driven circa 1870’s

Spent a few hours clearing the end of the dump off


Found some very nice “free gold” specimens on the dump.


Ended up spending 2 days on that dump, gathering “specimen” grade samples.

Ended up staking a lode claim over it, taking another 2 days.

Given all the “permitting” issues CA is known for. I never opened to portal, as it would have taken a backhoe.

Which would have been a permitting nightmare.

Ended up selling most of the specimen grade free gold samples to a San Francisco jeweler for a good chunk of change.

He was so enthralled by those samples. A year later, he made me an offer for that lode claim, for an even bigger chunk of change, I could not refuse.

Ya just never now what you might bump into out there, cover up by time & erosion.

That was a lucky day.

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Interesting photos Adam. Any chance of some replenishment gold being found there?

Absolutely Steve... Every time it the gully runs good, it does replenish itself. I have found nuggets on bedrock that I have worked in the past.

elder-miner Great photos ! It would be wonderful to find something like that

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