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Red Sand Vs Caliche


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I dug red sand today and about 12" down it turned to Caliche. The rocks and dirt looked the same only white. The next 12" was a fairly easy to dig out caliche, but underneath this turned to caliche cement.

I was getting excited to run the caliche material because I figured it was red sand that had turned to caliche so the gold ought to be plentiful seeing how this hasn't been dug. Turned out this caliche layer barely had any, but the top 12" with the red sand contained most of the gold.

I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck getting gold from caliche and whether the caliche tends to be a totally different material than the red sand. I had thought caliche was a form of calcium carbonate left over from the rains.

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Every area is different so ya gotta just sample sample sample. Nuttn' worse than having a friend ,or even worse a enemy,come along and dig up your hole just a little deeper and start popping dwt sized nuggets because you gave up. Dmd if ya don't and dmd if you do --ain't it a blast!!John

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I have found nuggets on or in the caliche and Ive also found them under the caliche layer :4chsmu1: Mike C... :200:

Mike, Generally how thick are the caliche layers you encounter? Or does the thickness vary too much for generalizations?

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