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Back from the desert...

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I have been out in the desert just shy of 2 weeks. I had a good time getting my new trailer all sorted out for me.

And found some nice gold. I meet a fellow club member whom helped me a little and I dug in his spot after he was done.

Though I was disapointed with the performance of my Goldbug Pro. I could not get it to be stable in all metal at all. Thogh I might stick to using it in disc mode with the disc set real low or on zero.

I found the nugget where the other member was digging but not in the direction he was digging.

I located it by using MyTesoro Diablo mu-max and then dug a half bucket of dirt which I scanned when I got it back to the trailer. So in all I found 7 pieces of gold and have some more to go through. I managed to break my detector by falling down while I was squatting to keep from hitting my head and Guess the knob for the black sand adjustment hit a rock and snapped in half.

So I'm going to wait till August to send it in.

They look so big but the largest weight about 2 grams.



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Looks like you had SUPER fun and glad to hear your slip was not bad .. I had a great time out this weekend with my GBP my first time out i hit a 1.1 gram nugg in a place well hammered over and over for years .. I do like this machine its just not a depth demon but it picks up good enough small pcs .

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Thats some really nice gold you got there! :) Glad you were able to get it.

Srry to hear you couldnt get the GBpro working correctly. My dad uses his up at RH and seems to do good with it.

Its never going to be like a PI but its a good little unit.
Tom H.

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