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Fine gold recovery matting

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Does this stuff give you any fine gold recovery ideas in a custom sluice box




Sheets comes in 4 different color coded individual densities

Low-medium-high & super/high

Is rigid and yet still pliable

It will hold it's open 3 dimensional internal structure even if purposely crushed

Thicker than Nomad type matting

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Were you running raised expanded metal over the top of it?

A Pop & Sons sluice used for Nome beach gold is very effective & runs nomad matting under expanded metal.

Nomad matting is about the same stuff as whay I posted.

What kind of ribbed carpet are you running? Source & price?

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The ribbed carpet ran the entire length of the sluice boxes. the upper section had a 3/8 punch plate and exp. metal riffles. The lower section was 1-1/2 Hungarian type riffles.

Most of the fine gold was always beneath the punch plate and this is how i noticed a significant drop in fine gold recovery. The ribbed carpet was probably purchased through Keen. My theory is that the fine "hairs" in the carpet help catch the fines. Early on i used burlap but it didn't wear well but it was cheap to replace.

There is a ribbed carpet door mat available at some commercial cleaning supply outfits that is rubber backed. I always thought that might work well.

The Nomad type matting I used was pretty course as it was all that was available at the time. a very fine nap would have been a vast improvement.

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All I ,and many others use,is this dimpled veranda,as unbacked NO loading problems and each little pine cone shaped dimple is hollow to filter microfines down below. Used same pieces for over 25 years in my ALL my dredges. I've given away 1,000s of pieces and now can't find another full roll. Veranda by Shaw UNBACKED is imperative for micr gold reclaimation. John


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I believe that is Shaw H54163 outdoor carpet

I called Shaw at their main office looking for it

LOL..... didn't get any help from them.

Wonder what's up with that?


Zero results results using there SEARCH mode

Zero results talking with them on the phone.

Picture of it


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Elderminer are you catching any "flower gold"?

Yes, it will catch flower gold like dry washer dust sticks to a hot sweaty face

Rough-Top Incline Conveyor Belting SBR Black

2 Ply, .25" Thick, 3 to 24 inch Width




Caveat being if you are in heavy black sands, it will fill fairly fast.

Once you cannot see/feel the dimple/ridges in it, time to do a clean up

Fortunately, where my diggin's are, there is very little black sand.

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What size mesh?

Working a vein that has a mud / clay layer on top of lemonite.

Mud / clay full of 100 minus and some 300 minus Au and looking for a way to filter

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Wow! How did you calculate the recovery percentage? Run it again?

What was the length of run and water volume?

I would be setting it up in a rain gutter length.

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I'll try to get a pic under the microscope. I shot a video of one of my hairs floating on the surface of the water in the pan to obtain approximate gold size. Most was much smaller than the hair.

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