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Is LDMA selling Stanton?

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Hell terry, they have sold it twenty times over. Some of the people I know that are members, have not been able to stay there, because of the people they have that are{Perment } camped out there in motor homes or trailers. If your in there little click, then you have it made. Grubstake

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Terry, what is for sale is:

"Historic gold property of over 266 acres of patented claims, including the site of the famous mining town of Octave and the Beehive mines ... Claims follow the 3-mile-long main gold vein and offshoots and rise over 4,000 ft. high with views all the way to Four Peaks. Geology has produced some incredible gold specimens on site that collectors treasure. Excellent helipad locations as well!"

I came across this on the Zillow website. Link is: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/14125-W-Ben-Jaffe-Blvd-0-Wickenburg-AZ-85390/2115312712_zpid/

They're asking: $5,900,000. Let's all break our piggy banks and chip in!


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WAIT!! STOP!! DON'T SPEND YOUR MONEY11 I have a better deal I have $2,000,000.00 of proven ,possible, maybe, inferred reserves on 3,000 acres of soon to be claimed mineral rich ground and all I'm asking is $2,500,000.00.

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A review of LDMA claims makes sense on their claims. But the LDMA camps are patents, and don't fall under the new acreage rules.

I doubt LDMA will be selling any of their properties, but they will likely take another look at mineral claims.

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