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more drywasher questions?

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Hi all

Learned a lot from previous drywashing posts, but still have a few questions. I have a Keene 140.

1. Is there a correlation between blower output and tray angle? Lower throttle, reduced angle?

2. When to do cleanup? The area I am drywashing has almost zero black sand and other heavies. The gravel is angular. Is cleanup based on volume of material or trays Filling up?

3. Over feeding vs under feeding? How to tell? I do run all material 2X.

4. What would you do? I have been working two washes, about a mile apart. Larger wash almost no small gold (little success with drywasher/ buckets processed ) does have pickers and nuggets (most .5 g to 1 g largest quartz specimen 11.1 g) overburden 2-5 feet. Nuggets on bedrock nothing consistent. Other wash 1-3 foot overburden small gold throughout richer and pickers near bedrock. Maybe half gram per 40 buckets. Where would you dig?

Thanks everyone


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1-too much blower and gold just blows away--2-no black sands NOT a good sign-3-overfeeding runs your gold right out as air is then too deeply covered to properly classify and let the gold move on down through the mass your piling in there. Steeper the tray angle the less time to recover also. Drywasher feeds,speeds,classification and recovery are more complicated than first thought by many. More touchy tht dredging for sure.Your profile says lost wages and never heard of gold that big anywhere near where your recovering in post. Colorado river placers below the dam but?? Anyhow you need to run some colored lead shot in that thang and get to know it a bit better. Local yokel club is ALWAYS a great idea. Sounds like you have decent recovery but confidence in your equipment lacking. Keep that honeyhole to yourself also as that is decent gold for the deserts also-John

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John, thanks for the advice. Its not that I am not recovering black sand in the drywasher, there is just very little in the area. Actually on/near one of the club claims near vegas in NV, yeah the 11.1g nugget my friend found is by far biggest ive seen i will try to post pic. What is way to recognize over feeding?

Chris, ok that's what i've been doing. didn't know if I was doing the bird in hand, 2 in the bush thing. Last week got only 3 small pickers but going out all day tomorrow. A lot of work shoveling overburden then detecting, could be worth it though. Thanks

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I've only used one type of drywasher....but on mine, some signs of over feeding include; if I see any gold in the last two riffles then I know its being fed too fast. On my drywasher, when its working right, all the gold should be in the first riffle with maybe a few specks in the second. Also, I try and run it so its a nice even flow coming out of the drywasher. If its just pouring through and the riffles are constantly buried I'd say that's too fast also. Another sure way, if you run your tailings just see what your missing if its not much then you must be feeding it pretty well.

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Yep. You have to sample pan your tailings to let you know what's going on.

If the dirt isn't looking like water falling over the riffles (as opposed to just a little ripple in the stream) you could be over feeding.

Angular material is harder to run than finer or rounded materials, so smaller gold could get blown out since the airflow has to be greater.

Every spot will be a bit different. Test runs with sampling if tailings will lead you to the right setup for a given spot.

Good luck!

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