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3030 hits more goodies

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returned to my park yesterday...met the new head ranger who immediately desended on me and my pal- the POL Is SEE says no detecting-blah, blah, blah..

the fact that hundreds of detectorists have been detecting there for 30 or 40 years had little impact on her religious worship of the policy...anyway, she did agree, finally to seek guaidance from a higher power ...AND................

I found the usual bag of junk, some new coins and another silver quarter and two silver dimes and two wheaties...and, just for Mr Southern- a picture.

btw; the book is worth reading too



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Gold and silver should rock any mans day for sure. Once the trash is removed,most anyhow,you'll be amazed. There was a park next to my house in the OC and after a few dozen outings the silver,gold,wheaties and indian heads flowed-John

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yes it does!!! Ifound a 57 and 39 dime yesterday. That was just after I spoke with a newbie and was giving him a little history of the park. He was amazed that a park still had the goodies after 30-40 years of many detectors hitting it. After I showed him my ctx 3030 I went over to the edges of where he had been and found these two silvers...and a few junkers...

The Ctx is magical!


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Hi Fred, one of the multiple hunts I want to do is along the river when they lower the level. I need to buy a pair of waterproof boots for the mud and yuk along the river. I suspect that is the best place to hunt here. What's your son's name and what's he doing here? Yes, I'd like to meet.

One thing that bugs me with all these new detectors is in the technicalities. It's VERY difficult to remove the subjectivity.

First, what makes one miss finds at 2" or 6" with just about any detector? The real answer is they did not swing over it or are too lazy to dig their beeps.

It's not the detectors, technically, by any stretch of anyone's imagination.

I go in to a park where I've witnessed and even stopped and talked to guys with high end detectors with my $35 garage sale special and find what they missed. And I am sure they could go back in and find what I missed.

Tabs and nickels are my biggest issue....that and jewelry. The end result is still....if it beeps, dig it no matter what detector I research...so far.

It's really nice seeing what one is about to dig and isolating it is very cool. So the 3030 is cool technology! It's good to see this and you are a happy camper!


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Hi Jim, my son moved to Bullhead City...his name is Chance.

I agree that there are many factors to the question of preformance of a detector. The ones you mention and many more; however, I am certain that the ctx3030 is processing signals in a different or better way. I donot have the tech-savey to explain or understand but my results are all the "proof" I require.

I occasionally see a guy in "my" park...he has found some extremely nice rings, old silver and even a silver dollar-all with a fairly inexpensive whites coin detector...some things are luck more than any other factor.

I am not prone to the NEED to explain or understand all things...detecting is a hobby and my ctx is just a very expensive toy for my enjoyment.

i generally dig everything until I am tired of the junk, then I start cherry-picking...I have dug a enough tabs of all sizes and types to have earned a thousand gold rings-if they aren't there I can't transmute the tabs into what I really want...

life is ever so hard when i am playing...


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Yes, well, today I found a 1929 1/2 dollar, a 1904 V nickel and two wheaties; plus a boat load of tabs and junk coins...

and just for Mr Southern and because I have not found a silver half for a long, long time....heres a pic

Dang Fred, ya just made "hero" category my friend :yesss: You have seriously spent the time and learned that detector and are now getting it to dance! Art comes in many forms.. Nice finds.....

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I went out last night with my 3030 and found a wheat (1942) on the beach! I don't find wheats often. Then as I was walking along (light on) I looked down and found a fresh, wet $20 bill. :)

Sometimes it does not have to be metal.


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