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Going to take Mikayla and Dyllon to do a little nighttime catfish fishing from shore at Two Cow Cove on Lake Pleasant Friday evening till 11:00 pm or so, perhaps later if the cats are biting. If anyone wants to join us let me know and I'll show ya where we will be....

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Hey Mike give a call, just using light gear as fishing for Channel Cat and not Flatheads.... Over at Bartlett and on the Colorado ya gotta use 30 pound or more test line or ya ain't got a prayer :old: Lot of folks use 100 pound or better to drag the 40 pound and up monsters from the deep snag filled water :WOW: On light tackle they just run your drag to the end and .... POP.... C-Ya.... :grr01:

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The Cheese Wiz works on all sorts of stuff. Crappy, Blue Gill, Trout, Even Bass if you wiggle it right. Any Type of Cat Fish. Even in the Sea.

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We use a Carolina Rig setup with rotting shrimp or neon green worms and add a touch of rotten shad from the tube.

Will buy medium size frozen, raw shrimp and a couple throw away plastic tubs. Thaw shrimp in cool water. Mix the shrimp and shad juice in the tubs, put in ziplock freezer bags. Keep one refrigerated and freeze the others.

Wear rubber or throw away latex gloves when baiting the hook (Frank gave me a couple bags of crime scene tech/coroners gloves... and the smell can get through those).

The rig keeps the bait off the dead bottom, above the weeds.

We do a fair bit of urban fishing and we often limit out those around us (we catch and release).

Once had two hooks going and landed two fish on same line... it's that good.

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When I was a teenager....darn tootin it was a while back....we used carbide lanterns for fishing and such at night....so

IF you can still buy carbide this will work but be careful....

In one of the creeks where we fished a lot was a really deep hole and one summer the creek was really low on water....

we could see that the hole was actually a very steep and deep area between a bunch of rocks and BIG $ss bass.....

I had a uncle that was WW2 Marine Corp Vet that had thoughts similar to Allen's but he didn't have any grenades.....so

we took a quart Mason fruit jar....filled if about half full of Carbide rocks along with some real rocks for weight....then

punched big holes in the Mason lid and chunked it in the deep water....and ran.....

It only took about a minute for the water to make a spurt up like you see in the movies where a ship is dropping depth

charges....only ours was only about a foot high.....then a gunny sack full of BIG A$$ DEAD BASS.....

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Notice how the winner is the 1st one to strike.....

This is for all you snake fight lovers.
Take your pick now between the big rattler or the big cottonmouth ... both bad asses.
You just ain't gonna believe this one.


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