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Very Cool Bill, thanks for sharing, wouldn't it be neat if you could see the history of it when you touched it.


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On our farm in Okla. were two Artesian wells that flowed the coldest and sweetest water and in between was ground

that was a little higher in elevation and every year when we plowed it I would walk slowly across the area after a rain

and pick up arrow heads....spear points and axes.....most were completely whole and not broken....had a shoe box

over flowing with them and then one day some distant relatives from Canada visited and I gave to whole box to a

Canadian boy relative....never saw them again....

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I still have a few in my showcase picked up in nevada and can always appreciate the workmanship. Nice finds Bill,hope ya find some more great ones like those-John

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Here's a nice one I found a couple years ago ... In a little gulch in the Vultures ... Got it checked out by some folks who used to have an arrow head business here in Wickenburg ... Turns out it is common only to Yavapai County and is dated at 8,000 years old! Cheers, Unc


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