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Fisher F2 detector

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so as I was browsing craigslist I came across an add for a fisher f2 metal detector looks in great shape if it has even been used, has anyone had any experience with this particular detector? guy wants 150 for it is that a good price seems that according to fisher the msrp is around 300+ so any information would be greatly appreciated, and it also looks like the detector has the pinpoint button

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I have a bounty hunter that I bought at cabelas and havent really gotten to use it much and i think I may have either alot of junk iron around the house or my detector isnt setup right who knows lol

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I think you should not rely to much on metal detector. Metal detecting is something more than a good metal detector. I found Besides owning a good metal detector, the most important thing is that you should be very patient. Because you will find much more scraps than treasures.

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