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Epic Drywashing & Detecting Trip


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A little while back Boulderdash invited me to an area in southern Arizona. We would have to hike very steep terrain daily :hiker: to access this very remote spot. I was up for the challenge and commitment to work hard for 4 days straight and agreed to meet him. I was given a treasure map :112: that would self destruct after I read it, then I was off. The days were long, as we would get started around 8:30 in the morning and would work straight through to dusk. The average high temperature was between 90 to 95 or better, but that didn't slow us down. :Diggin_a_hole: By days end on the 4th day we had accomplished running 368 buckets of material through the Keene 140 :confused0089[1]:

I could go on and on about how great the trip was :2drink: but I think its time to show some pictures :pop:

Ever find a scorpion in the hopper when running buckets :barnie: It happened twice , and thankfully one was dead already.


Or maybe detect a nice nugget insitu with cemented decomposed bedrock :yesss:


When you run buckets like we do , sometimes building walls to hold in the tailings is necessary


Other critters were on the loose too. We saw 3 snakes, only one was a Pink Tiger Rattlesnake..


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A pack was helpful in getting some of the equipment into the area.


Heres boulderdash pretty excited about how much gold was in the drywasher :thumbsupanim


Between the two of us we detected this nice 9.2 Gram pile of nuggets :4chsmu1::head:


Lets not forget the reward for all the hard labor , a whopping 18.3 grams of drywashed gold. :WOW:


Thanks again Boulderdash, for the good times, teamwork, and great gold !

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I had the epic pleasure of running the 18.3 grams of cons. That was one hell of a clean up and was a lot of fun. I give props to Adam for being great company and he carried all the equipment. Sure had fun and glad you could understand my hand written treasure map. For all of you who struggle with math thats 27.5 grams for the trip with over 50 nuggets detected. Ps scorpions everywhere..



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Adam, Your post has inspired me to get back out there. Been getting good practice with my 140, but not anywhere near the results you of guys. Couple of questions, how many buckets do you run before a cleanout? How many buckets would you run for a sample? Were the nuggets detected in your holes, tailings, or free range? your pink tiger rattlesnake is a Speckled rattlesnake, two very similiar species. Thanks for your post! Congrats

Ive been trying to find the time to get down to southern AZ, I love the wilderness down there but have never prospected there.


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Man...thats awsome what you two pull out!
Looks like your going to be doing some more drywashing soon, the temps are getting up there :)

Tom H.

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Your epic tale makes my back hurt-already does from tree/boulder winching but "365" buckets is a whole lotta lifting.bending,stooping,shoveling and then the tailings gotta be moved too. Must be great to be young as been soooo long ago I've quite forgotten. Kudos on the work ethics and some nice purty chunky gold too for all your hard work-congrats-John

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Wow, I'm jealous of you guys. That sounds like a whole lot of fun! Thanks for the trip report, and keep em coming!


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Your trip report and photos made my morning. Thank you!

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Adam, congrats to you and Boulder on the gold. One of these days your going to post on here where you hit a huge pocket on bedrock, the way you dig those washes out.

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Wow , thanks for the kudo`s everyone....It was a great trip ,and we were happy to share the adventure....Yep, its getting hot soon ,and more drywashing may be in the near future.


Boulder dash is the authority on your questions......But I think a 10 bucket sample should be good enough to tell what you are into. The little nuggets were detected on bedrock after shoveling the overburden. I would recommend 20 bucket runs before cleanup, but it depends on how many black sands and what kind they are ( how heavy)

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