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Safety – Bees, Tortoise, & Valley Fever


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I'm the safety POC for a prospecting club and I post this type of information on our forum. If you all like I can post this same information on Nugget Shooter Forum.

Bees – Have been aggressive this year because of drought conditions and they are looking for water. When you sweat the bees sense the water and think it a good thing, you won't. Try setting water away from camp, the draw back is you might draw more bees and have to leave or move to a new location.

The last time I talked to BLM about a year+ ago no Africanized Bees had been report for several years. If you are concerned call the Barstow BLM office at 760-252-6000.

Tortoise – Looking for shade, check your camp sites and under your vehicles before leaving (found one under mine), watch for snakes.

Valley Fever!! - On the rise as warming climates and drought have kicked up the dust that spreads it.

Can be contracted by simply breathing in fungus-laced spores from dust disturbed by wind, human or animal activity.

Mayo Clinic suggests wearing a mask, wetting the soil, staying inside during dust storms. The masks at Lowe's, Home Deport, etc. may not work, they are not design for spores protection only large dust particles.

Valley Fever Little Background

A potentially deadly; 150,000 infections go undiagnosed every year
Nationally cases rose by more than 850 percent from 1998 through 2011
In 2011 - Nearly 22,000 cases, with most cases reported in California and Arizona.

California - Cases rose from about 700 in 1998 to more than 5,500 cases in 2011.
18,700+ cases between 2001 & 2008, 265 people died
Highest rates of Valley Fever in Central California's Farming regions

Arizona - Cases rose from about 1,400 in 1998 to 16,400 in 2011
Highest rates in South Central Arizona

Detecting - Fever is difficult to detect;
There's little awareness of the disease
Often causes mild to severe flu-like symptoms, and in about half the infections, the fungus results in no symptom

In a small percent of cases, the infection can spread from the lungs to the brain, bones, skin, even eyes, leading to blindness, skin abscesses, lung failure, even death.

Example - After two lung operations; Gave up their job; When on disability; Takes medication at $2,000+ per month out of pocket; Had to sell their home to raise money for their treatment.

Valley Fever Source – Yahoo and Fox News
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