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Now this is a GOLD WHEEL

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Good old Goldhound technology,just too bad the inventor never really got to cash in decently on his innovations. Bigger they are the slower they go around,looks like a 32 lead set up for feedins so looks can be deceiving as that many leads to quite a volume-John

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I used a four foot plus wheel for dredge concentrates. It was ok but took a lot of baby sitting, the tails from the wheel were run through a grinder-amalgamator and it was disappointing to see what the wheel missed, even with careful set-up.

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Run wheels twice-once at more angle to get all the black sands from the concentrates. Then tilt back up and get the gold from the black sands. Preclassification is also mandatory for any decent results. Hence size and specific gravity classified is way better results...John

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