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Itinerant prospectors

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I had an itinerant prospector show up at my place in his micro-bus. I had him park out back by the septic tank and to show my hospitable nature I helped him drink his beer. Well, sometime that evening during a lying contest (which I handily won) and beer drinking, I promised to take him detecting-or so he claimed the next morning. So we loaded up the dogs and detectors and I took him to a spot that was absolutely hammered and hasn't produced any gold for years-an old, snake infested mining pit. He ask for advice on which coil to use and knowing that this pit was full of hot rocks, super mineralized soil, tons of trash and if there was any gold left it would be small and deep I recommended a small mono coil. Just to make it more interesting for him I tweaked every knob and flipped every switch on his detector when he wasn't looking.

I went to the other side of a ridge where I at least had a chance of finding a nugget and sure enough I did! I immediately went back over to where the itinerant prospector was so I could gloat about my find. And there he was- happy as could be- with four nice nuggets. The audacity!! Four nuggets to my one!

Revenge will be sweet. Wait till' he and his wife find out about the disgusting tricks I taught his dogs.


There may be a participant of this forum with a different version of this story, so I will remind you all that some prospectors are not to be believed.

Thanks for the great time LD.

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Yeah, the sewer smell was almost as bad as being stuck in a pick up cab with you. He forgot to say, my 4 nuggets only added up to a bit more than a pennyweight and his dink plopped in at 11+ pennyweight. Figures he stuck me in the beat out trash filled hot rock infested ground while he went off to his secret hot spot. It was the strangest looking forest i have ever been in, All kidding aside, if you ever do get an invite to hunt with him, it will be a grand time with a fantastic host. I had a private campsite adjoining a beautiful meadow that came complete with water and power hook ups and came home with gold and good memories along with a new friendship.


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