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Hi all,

About three weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending five days at Gold Basin with Shep, Tommy, Frank C,The Farmer, and some other legends of the southwest whose names escape me at the moment. As far as I can recollect a good time was had by all. I spent several days spying on Shep as he tried to find his way back to a previously productive wash, alas, he searched, but in vain... :brows:

The fragrance of blooming desert flora and the wafting scent of skunk visited us most evenings... The sage was wonderfully aromatic... The vittles were without peer in their flavor and plentitude... Three cheers for the chefs...

So long story longer.... Everyone was pretty empty handed at the end of the adventure, however Shep did ferret out two GB space rocks on the last day... I managed to find three minus one small nugs for a total of maybe one + gram... I think the dog ate one as it disappeared... My thanks to Frank C. :old: for the pointy finger and the camp hosts for great cusine..

On the way back to Ca. I stopped by Lake Havasu to say hi to Patrick, he was kind enough to give me a tour of the area... :thumbsupanim

The following day I headed back to the hills solo as Patrick was working... I had a wonderful time driving up one wash and then another, looking for an area to detect... Late in the afternoon I was up at the end of a narrow wash, it deteriorated into sheer bedrock and stopped forward progress, however there was a rather steep trail heading north out of said wash... I carefully surveyed it for two seconds and said, " Well this don't look so bad, I'll just creep slowly up it ", I mean I was driving a FWD F-150, what could possible go wrong??? Got about one hundred fifty yards and loose rock, gravity, and off camber curve conspired to slip me gracefully sideways looking downhill with my low side a foot or so lower than my hi side... Undeterred I removed material from under the hi side and stacked rock in a path on the low side, lovely... No worky.. :nutty:

And so humbled I embarked to a lofty precipice and called Patrick.. Help.. I lit a fire on a hill top and waited... He put his trusty GPS to work and came bumping up the wash in the still night air. Still the wonderful smell of sage wafting about..

We surveyed the situation and decided it would be prudent to return in the light of day to do the rescue...

Back he delivered me to my toyhauler at the State Campground at the lake, it was nice to be home... I talked to a neighbor I had met in camp who is a great guy and an avid off-roader from Colorado and he said he would be happy to adventure forth the following day to assist...Strapping lad, good experience, OK.

The next morning Patrick showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed and off we went to rescue my truck... Got there and Patrick loaned me his tire deflators, great idea, and the neighbor and I loaded up the bed of the truck with about eight hundred pounds of rock... With good guidance I was able to get the truck down to a flatter area and jockey it ninety degrees to the SW. Patrick said "Use this line, it works, I know", I did and it did, crawled right out easy like, no spin, no bounce.... Long story ends...

I said to Patrick,"Let me fill your gas tank and take care of the rescue strap you picked up for me"... He smiled and said, " Catch me next time, it is what we do"... "I learned that from Shep ".

So I rambled lots here but I just wanted to let everyone know that is how these guys roll. I have not met a better bunch of people. Thank you again Patrick.

Happy Happy Happy Huntin Y'all. :4chsmu1:


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Hey Fred well my 5000 is still a VIRGIN glad you done some good really enjoyed the evenings with all the BS floating about. Sounds like your adventure didn't end at gold basin. But all ended well . Until next time The Farmer NWA

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Yep, "This is what we do"

What Jeff was kind enough not to mention, is that I did the exact same thing, on the same @$#&^%*** road years ago. But I must let you know that my Chevy made it further than his Ford !! That's why I knew which line he should take once he got turned around.

His campground buddy was nothing but a great help and inspiration. Not sure of his age, but he would have put a 20 year old to shame the way he worked.

Here a some pics of the situation. They really don't show the dangerous prediciment Jeff was in though.

And by the way, on this side of the river, we spell it MOHAVE....

Patrick .....





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The fellow loading rocks into my truck was a great help, a carpenter from Breckenridge Co. Marathon runner, great shape and attitude. We were glad to have him along. He had three large german sheps. My Aussie tried to get cranky with them and they just laughed and ran circles around her... Great trip.


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Well Frank. I can see you're no closer to solving the "third nugget" mystery than anyone else.

Maybe if we hypnotize him ??

I got the DVD's done, so I will get the tapes back to you when I get back to that area.

Patrick .....

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