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Three Fishers and a Minelab

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Winter is finally starting to go away in Alaska. I head off prospecting June 15th for the summer. Good old fashioned stuff, just shovel, pick, sluice, and rocker box. Plus some 21st century technology. I will be relying on my detectors a lot this summer. I traded my mule for a Toyota 4-Runner and will be living out of the back of my truck and a tent.

I have decided what to take and got it down to four units. Four units that shade from one end to the other with a little overlap just in case. From top to bottom:

1. Gold Bug 2 with 6.5" coil. This will be for detecting bedrock cleaning up the tiny bits.

2. Gold Bug Pro with 10" x 5" DD coil, 11" x 8" DD coil and 5" round DD coil. General purpose tailing and bedrock detecting.

3. F75 Special Edition with 13" DD coil, 11 x 8" DD coil and 6.5" elliptical concentric coil. Tailing pile detecting.

4. Minelab GPX 5000 with 8 round mono", 10" x 5" DD, 14 x 8" mono, 16 round mono" and 18" round mono coils. The "big gun"! For use anywhere there is not too much junk, including some blue-sky patch hunting


The Gold Bug Pro and F75 are redundant. For most people the Gold Bug Pro is the way to go. But I get a tiny edge with the F75 on larger gold in tailing piles and I like the large target id that pops up on the screen while in all metal mode compared to the tiny indicator on the Gold Bug Pro. The Pro on the other hand is a tad hotter on small gold than the F75. The bottom line is I could narrow it down to three machines by leaving the F75 behind but can't quite bring myself to do that. The machine has been too good to me so it goes along and I will be using it for much of my detecting. I could do with a few less coils also but they do not take much room and it is a long way to go to get a replacement if something fails, so a little redundancy is a good thing.

I have a lot to wrap up at my last week at work, selling house, and moving to Reno. Then on the plane back to Alaska June 15th and off for adventure. Only a few more weeks to go!

Steve Herschbach


True story, I sold my GPX 5000 last year thinking a new unit would be out by now - not! So I had to get another 5000, hope it is a lucky one.

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Good luck up there. Your living a dream most of us can only dream about :)
Have fun and be safe.

Tom H.

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Hi Steve,
Its always interesting to read about your adventures.

I don't think you can ever have too many detectors or coils available.

Just depends on where you are hunting, and the type of terrain at that particular

location, so your collection here rather resembles my warbag so to speak.

I need to snag a good lightweight dd coil for my F75, for us in the tailing piles

here in Idaho.
Thanks and best wishes for a successful trip!


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If i'm ever able too, i'd like to own all of the above. But since i'll prolly own maybe one or two of them, i sure do like that F75 with the boost. I sure enjoyed that write up you did about it awhile back.



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Thanks everyone. I am going to shoot a ton of photos as always and this year shoot a bunch of video also. I will drop in and catch up when I roll into civilization for supplies now and then.

Nome is on the list for fall but in between the options are too numerous to mention. I have a lot of places I have been putting off visiting for a long time to finally head off to.

I hope you all have fun, adventure, and gold waiting for you also.

The best part - hanging with friends, Ganes Creek, 2012

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Steve, I hope you have a successful trip this season, I too am about to head off into the unknown, just me the dog and my metal detectors. Keep us posted on what you get up to, I for one really enjoy your valuable input to the various forums you frequent.



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Fred, your company would be be enjoyed immensely especially based on your culinary skills, what I tasted when I visited with you in your camp at Rich Hill put a smile on my dial for days afterwards.



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