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CTX at the beach?

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have been using the 3030 at the beach and getting the coil wet like I did with the SE Pro. There is very little reason on California beaches to do wading. There are not enough water objects to make this an effective hunt. That being said I will walk with boots in the shallows and get the coil wet. Somewhere between there and the parking lot are the goodies if someone else has not found them first. I have used the seawater setting and find that it does keep everything stable. In the last couple of days I hit a patch with a lot of pennies and trace point was helpful.


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Here are my finds for the last 3 hunts. The last pictures were from a couple of nights ago when I was searching the mud. You have to catch the tide just right because some of the stuff is on the move.

I also went to the dry sand for a couple of hours and that is where I found the little sparkle!

They seem to be using sifters this year on more beaches in order to clean them and that leaves little behind. Raking was bad enough but sifting gets it all in the top 4 inches.








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Fred! You got it. Maybe we could go down there and not even put a battery in the detector! And even if we were doing real 'detecting' you could just say 'excuse me Miss/Ms/Mrs, do you mind while I step over you and check out the area?'

(Just don't tell them about your hacked email account.)


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A lot of eye strain down here on the beaches with the dental floss bikinis....just don't advertise what your looking at....

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A high-ranking federal health department administrator in Brazil was fired for being too zealous in launching an awareness campaign dealing with country's legal prostitution system.

Brazil's director of the Department of STDs, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis is now out of work after starting an ad campaign called “I’m happy being a prostitute” without getting a green light his bosses.

Brazilian Minister of Health Alexandre Padilha dismissed director Dirceu Greco for the ad campaign in observation of International Hooker’s Day.

Padilha said that they were testing the ad on the ministry’s website, but it was never meant to be published without approval from the ministry’s public relations department.

“I do not think this is a message the ministry should be sending,” Padilha said, according to the BBC.

The ad has since been removed per Padilha’s request because it did not support the campaign’s mission, which is to educate the public on the health of Brazil’s professional prostitutes and diminish social prejudice and stigma against the industry.

After a workshop with the country’s sex professionals in March, the Ministry of Health made the decision to address the topic of health care within the sex industry, assigning the Department of STDs, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis to come up with a campaign.

The controversial ad was brought to light on Tuesday by the Committee for Human Rights and Minorities of the House, which determined that the campaign was being misinterpreted.

According to the Brazilian newspaper O Globo, Congressman João Campos said the message was so appalling he was unsure what the next campaign would say.

“I am here imagining the titles of next campaigns: ‘I’m an adulterer and I’m happy,’ ‘I’m incestuous, follow me,’ ‘I’m polygamous, join me,’ ‘I’m a pedophile, watch me, I’m happy, I’m accomplished,’” Campos told the newspaper.

Although the ad “I’m happy being a prostitute” has been removed, the campaign will continue – but with a different message: “Not ashamed of using a condom.”

Prostitution is legal in the Roman Catholic country, and the industry has grown in recent years.

If you are swinging a CTX3030 you would probably get mugged within an hour.....or you can pay the cop to protect you

instead of mugging you....

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