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Two Toms day in the hills


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Hey all:
Managed to finally get out and soothe the itch after about 3 weekends staying at home.

Took advantage of one of the last "cool" weekends....its gonna get steamy from here on out.

Dad and I went to a new area to try it out. After getting around all the fences and locked gates we got to our spot with the help of the ol GPS. Man I love that thing!

Did a bunch of detecting but just couldnt seem to find any thing yellow. Lots of other trash though.

How does a staple get so far back up in a wash???

I found a old mine with a arrastra.

According to MINEDAT it was a gold/copper mine.

Well, thats our day in the hills.

Anyone else going out and smelling like a skunk? smile.png

Oh also....dad tried to get a pic of a red rattlesnake that wanted to see what he was doing but it

took off too fast.

Tom H.

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe.................I can attach pics again!!!WEEEE WEEEE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....Maxwell stop...


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I have read about those arrastra's, but never seen one in person. Thanks for the pic. It never ceases to amaze me some of the stuff old miners built. No wonder the life expectantcy was 34.

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Adam, that is a good thought but Mr. no sholders might still be guarding the place. When I ran onto that snake I was on my hands and knees under a Palo Verde branch in a small wash. i came face to face with that booger and froze in place for a few seconds. He dodn't rattle at all and just slithered away. It was about two feet long and the prettiest red you ever did see. I think that you posted one like that a while back, i'd like to see that one again.

old Tom

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Toms the vacuums a great idea but you should sample some of the ore.For them to use an arrastra it must of been good high grade stuff. Tom just make a mortar and pestal and pan that stuff out. You may be surprised at the amount of gold in those rocks.

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Old Tom, Hello,

If you like the red ones, I'll try to post a picture of one I encountered at work a while back, if I can do it.

It's time I learn how to post pictures anyway.

post-5543-0-94529900-1367827176_thumb.jp post-5543-0-32991200-1367827127_thumb.jp



It works! First time I've tried to post pictures!

Special mention and a Big Thanks! to AU Seeker for the instructions he gave on posting pictures just a few days ago. Worked great!


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Face to face with mr no shoulders is no way to start the day. Glad to hear it turned out ok,albeit goldless, sure beats a fast run for antivenom-John

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Thanks for the post of the red snake Greg. That is the guy that I bumped noses with Sunday morning. They are quite colorful and mine was a little smaller than yours. We agreed to go our seperate ways and all ended well but I do enjoy seeing them, it's when I don't see them I get a little anxious.

Yeah John, we are scouting new areas and are not doing as well for the moment. Got to pay some more dues till it comes in again.

Old Tom

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Back in the late 60s we found a couple right by Nigger Hill offa Hi Way 49 and got great color by cleaning up in/around them things. Great pics thanx much-John

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1. Old hand stacked wall just past Heaton, Briceburg

2. Coyote hole same area

3. Old hand stack, opposite side of Merced

4 Coyote hole, opposite side of Merced

5 Large foundation wall, too large for miners cabin, church, store?






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