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Gold Screamer Power Pack for SD / GP GPX Machines Call BILL

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I have updated the photo to show what comes in the Gold Screamer Power Pack. The system is available for either the SD/GP series of machines or the GPX. Bill has them in stock.

On the older machines, the amplification of the Gold Screamer makes all of the difference in the world.

I have this system fine tuned with great accessories.

1. The Gold Screamer Power Pack regulator has a built in Gold Screamer amplifier. For older machines the regulator steps the the power down to a safe 6.7 volts

2. The padded control box cover has been redesigned. The pouch has been raised to the top of the cover, and we have manufactured the cover with a WEB LOOP to guide the power cord through. This keeps the regulator off of the ground, and protects the short power lead from rubbing on the ground when you set your detector down. The inside of the control box cover has extra reinforcement over the feet of your detector to protect it.

3. The batteries are 7000 mAh 7.4 volt batteries that will give you 7 to 8 hours use each. They have a two year warranty from the manufacturing company. Two batteries come with the system and extra batteries are currently only $50 each. CAUTION. There are a ton of these batteries on the market and I have tested my fair share. Most are crap. The Chinese are very liberal in their labeling. They will label a battery 7400 mAh and when we test it we find it will only run a GPX5000 for around 5 hours. AND, they have NO WARRANTY. The quality varies greatly. We have had these batteries actually come apart. The front just comes unglued from the back. Also stay clear of Lithium Polymer batteries. They seem great, because they are so lite. However, the ones we test were garbage. They did not give good run time, and seemed to fail after about 10 chargings. We have had the best luck with these batteries we supply. They are robust in their design give excellent run time, and with proper care, are very reliable. I have been using mine for over 2 years.

4. The charger. This has been our greatest challenge. We have finally found what I consider is THE BEST charger on the market for this battery. This charger has a digital read out that tells you when the battery is 25, 50, 75, 100 percent charged. No more guessing. AC and DC equipped, 100v or 220V, we even provide the proper Aussie mains plug adaptor with the diagonal blades for our prospecting customers Down Under. These chargers seem to charge the batteries in about half the time as other chargers.

There is nothing that comes close to the performance this Gold Screamer Power Pack system offers.

A WORD OF ADVICE and CAUTION: I have had a few instances of late in which prospectors are out in the field and they complain that the Gold Screamer has just quit working all together. IN EVERY INSTANCETHIS WAS OPERATOR ERROR !!!!

What has happened is that the operator has not been dilligent in exercising care in sliding the battery onto the battery mounting plate on the Gold Screamer regulator. You must make sure the battery is sitting flat on the plate before you slide it forward and lock it into place. What is happening is that operators are not using caution when sliding the battery forward and are bending the contact pins of the regulator down under the battery. The battery has two female holes for the pins to go into. When the pins slide under the battery there is no contact, and hence the system dows not operate. Simple fix. Remove your battery, carefully use a small screw driver and bend the pins back in proper alignment, and carefully mount the battery so the pins enter the female connection terminals on the battery.

Pictured below is the sytem as it is currently offered. For a limited time, until we run out of stock, we are also including FREE a second economy charger. It's not a great charger, but it will allow you to keep both batteries topped off until your next outting.

Thanks! Call Bill to order your Gold Screamer Power Pack,




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