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Buying metaldetector

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I am going to buy my first metal detector for meteorite hunting.
Last year I had very good experience with borrowed Lorenz LPX2 detector and I want my new detector to be at least as good as this one.
I contacted local metal detectors dealer and they recommended me NOTSI Mole Impulse PRO or KTS PULSE AR III, which should perform little better.

http://kts-electronic.com/index.php?opt ... 57&lang=en

Does any of these meet my requirements or should I buy some Lorenz Deepmax instead even if it is twice as expensive as these?
Thanks for any suggestions.


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if you were happy with it why not that one?

Bill has a meteorite forum on this site that you might want to go to....most of the hobby meteorite hunters use vlf and Pi machines...

only you can decide if something meets YOUR requirements...

good luck


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Michal where your located and where you would have to send one of those units for repair is a big question that needs to be

answered.....I don't know for sure but I think some of those units are made in Europe, so ask questions.....

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BUY AMERICAN-the job you save may just be your own and parts and service are the best on the planet-John

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Try looking at the classifieds here.

There is a GMT for sale and they have found many meteorites.....I found my 6 with one.....

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