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Based on your explanation in the post linked, Isnt the ozone treatment similar to chemo? Doesnt seem very holistic either...


I don't see how ozone can really be similar to chemotherapy unless you take the word chemotherapy, break it down and take it literally. In that case we would be looking at chemical therapy, which would mean even herbs, drinking water or eating would also be chemotherapy by definition.

The only other thing I see that ozone has in common with chemotherapy or even radiation therapy for that matter is the fact that all three therapies have a free radical effect on cancer cells. There are some major differences beyond that though. For example, ozone therapy selectively kills cancer cells as where chemo and radiation kill healthy tissue as well. Ozone boosts the immune system as where the other therapies suppress the immune system. Ozone at therapeutic levels is not carcinogenic as where both chemo drugs and radiation therapy are. Ozone addresses the causes of cancer including pathogens and other carcinogens. Only a few chemo drugs are also antiviral and none deal with carcinogens. Radiation therapy does neither. Ozone promotes healing of healthy tissue as where chemo and radiation therapy destroy healthy tissue. And so on and so forth.

One of the major limitations of chemotherapy and radiation therapy is that they require a sufficient blood and oxygen supply to the tumor to be effective. The vascular network within tumors is very erratic leading to poor blood and oxygen perfusion of the tumors inhibiting the effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Ozone is not limited by the erratic vascular nature of tumors and unlike most chemotherapy drugs ozone can reach the brain and other parts of the central nervous system.

Another big advantage is that it is well known that cancer cells can quickly develop a tolerance to both chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which is also part of the reason cancers tend to come back even stronger within a few years of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Cancer cells cannot build a tolerance to ozone.

So the only real similarities to chemotherapy is the fact that like everything we put in to our bodies are chemicals and like chemo ozone works, at least in large part, through a free radical mechanism. But the mechanism still has its differences. In fact, our own immune system uses virtually the same principle to kill cancer cells when they can be detected by the immune system. When natural killer (NK) cells are able to detect cancer cells they attach to the cancer cells and inject peroxide in to the cell causing the cell to swell and burst just like the peroxides formed by ozone therapy. But I would not consider the action of our NK cells to be similar to chemotherapy either even though they also use a free radical principle to kill cancer cells.

As far as not being very holistic, holistic does not mean natural. Many holistic therapies utilize chemical compounds that sometimes are completely synthetic such as DCA or DMSO. The principle of holistic therapy is to treat the body as a whole rather than a single component. In other words, if a person has lung cancer allopathic medicine would either irradiate or remove the lung then use carcinogenic and immune suppressing chemotherapy drugs to try and kill any metastasized cells. In holistic medicine the lung would be left in place, the tumor would be addressed with a single or various means that can target the cancer cells, while also addressing other aspects such as going after the cause of the cancer, metastasized cells and boosting the immune system to make sure that the cancer is not only destroyed but also to make sure that it does not come back. Is there some overlap? Yes, but there are also some major differences, especially when you get deeper in to the specifics rather than going on the basics I have presented.

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