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East Fork..San Gabriel River

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I used to spend many a weekends with a small dedicated group of prospectors in the 1990's down at Follows Camp. Don, Howard, , Wayne, Bernie..and a few others..and Al Marconi who had a small shop he ran next to the restaurant. That's when I purchased my first detector a Whites Goldmaster v-sat. I was wondering if anyone still goes up there and hunts for gold. Used to stop in at Jerry Hobbs shop he owned Azusa Gold before driving up to the hills. If anyone still goes up in that area...and detects go up Shoemaker Rd...which I heard they closed...so you have to hike up..did real well there nugget-hunting.Anyone living in that area should give it a try..work the old gulches below the road which are below old tertiary benches. As I recall...I parked on a shoulder to the right about a mile up Shoemaker rd. and went down a gulch we called nugget-gulch..named by this very same group..who pulled out 10 ounces one Summer just diggin and sluicing when the rains would come. Anyways..if you live in the area , its worth a try...I know there is still gold up and down Nugget- Gulch. Good luck and good hunting. I am up in the Sierras now and don't get down there anymore..but if I were, I would be there in a nano -second with my M/L 4500 to get the ones I missed.

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