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Another Democrat that knows what's best for all....I wonder how long before

PTSD Vets are addes to this list.....

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Gov. Jerry Brown announced Wednesday that he has signed legislation expanding the ability of state agents to seize firearms from nearly 20,000 Californians who are not allowed to have them.

They collectively own more than 39,000 handguns and 1,670 assault weapons but are prohibited from owning firearms because they have been convicted of crimes, ruled mentally unstable or are subject to domestic violence restraining orders.

The bill authorizes $24 million for the state Department of Justice's Armed and Prohibited Persons program. The money will go to hire more agents to confiscate the weapons and reduce the backlog over the next three years.

The program, which is unique to California, cross-checks five databases to find people who bought weapons they are no longer legally allowed to own.

SB140 by Senator Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, authorizes $24 million to hire more agents to confiscate the weapons and reduce the backlog over the next three years.

The bill is the first of numerous firearms bills introduced by lawmakers in response to recent mass shootings in Connecticut and Colorado. The Democratic governor signed the bill without comment.

"California is leading the nation in a common-sense effort to protect public safety," Attorney General Kamala Harris, who oversees the state Department of Justice, said in a statement.

U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson, a Democrat from St. Helena, introduced HR848 earlier this year to create a U.S. Department of Justice grant program for states that want to develop similar programs.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/05/02/california-governor-signs-bill-to-speed-up-gun-seizures/?test=latestnews#ixzz2S8LS44ID

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The slope is gettin' slipperier all the time.

Wouldn't cha just know this kind of thing would start in Kalif. :rolleyes:

Just heard Kalif. is goin' to start "prison dumping".

So, they take away guns and release a bunch of prisoners? :89:

Hey, makes perfect sense to me. :arrowheadsmiley:

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My skim-reading take...

If these folks are (and this goes for nearly every state out there) not supposed to have guns, then they probably shouldn't. The convicted felons and dangerously mentally ill, for sure.

As for what we all know this will lead to... lock and load, brothers.

The fun part...

Mostly it's minorities committing a disproportionate amount of crimes (more often against one another). This means it will appear the cops are cracking down on minorities. Which the ACL.U is just chomping at the bit to go after, especially since the recent ruling against Joe Arpaio here in Maricopa County.

So, the cops will crack down to get guns out of the hands of those who are not legally allowed to have them. This will appear as some sort of profiling because those who are the majority offenders happen to also be minorities. Then some whiny-cry bitchy group will file suit. And the taxpayers are out even more to defend this crap. Repeat in perpetuity.

Crazy crazy crazy.

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