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Have not taken it apart, but the numbers are all I see other than engraving on one side that is why I was suspecting re-pop Skip, also trigger guard was made in a mold by look of it (has a seam) looks like 38 perhaps???

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I'm thinking it's made by CVA, because it looks like a few I've seen made by them.

Here's a couple of pictures of CVA cap and ball pistol I found online and they look very similar to the one you posted, the third doesn't say it a CVA but I'm thinking it maybe as well or a copy of one of theirs, which maybe what you have, most CVA products are marked as such.







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In the 1st pic you posted I looked and granted I've been out of gun collecting for many years, but my 1st impression was kit gun.
Mainly because of the ill fitting brass plate.
There is way too much of a gap in the fitting of the p[late to the stock cutout for a professional craftsman to have created.
It also wholly has that look of re-pop.
Just mho .

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