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don't open for me??

Opened for me, I will post/qoute what it says, and another link to see it it will work for you John.

Also be sure to check out the links in this article that tells the whole story.



O’Fallon, MO wants everything found in city parks

Update: 04/26/2013

Great news! The O’Fallon City Council amended its new metal detecting law, after hearing from area resident Gene Holdenhausen, a member of the Midwest CoinShooters and Historical Club. The change in the law opens up areas to metal-detecting that would have been banned. In addition, it allows detectorists to use their own professional metal-detecting equipment, such as probes, whereas the previous version of the law stipulated that household tools such as screwdrivers be used instead.

Read more in this article: “Treasure hunters get a slight reprieve from O’Fallon metal detector laws“.


We read this article and took action http://ofallon.patch.com/articles/o-fallon-metal-detector-hobbyists-restricted-must-trn-over-finds

We spoke with Jim Pepper from the city council in O’Fallon. He is in agreement that this ordinance needs changing and he is working on rewording the ordinance so all items found do not need to be handed over to the city of O’Fallon. He urges all local Detectorists (in the O’Fallon area) to contact him so he can voice your concerns at the next city council meeting.

Jim seems to be a real stand-up guy and is in agreement with our views. His contact information is located here http://www.ofallon.mo.us/ward-2"

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