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Detector vale question....

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I have a question and While many will find it a little offensive...Please bare in mind that It is a valid question...

I have a white's gmt....

I have a Tesoro diablo umax....

I have a Tesoro Cibola.

I have a Fisher gold bug pro...

None of the gold detectors has ever paid for it self. With the exception of the goldbug pro. Because I used it to detect in NY last year. And still am using it in the parks.

Now I'm not saying that the gold detectors will never pay for them selves. I think it is a question of how much time you actually spend hunting.

And it is far easier to spend more time in the park them the desert.

I'm curious what detector you all have and if they have each paid for themselves.
I know some use the minelab's and the top line is almost $5000. So to some it might be offensive asking if you've found $5000 with your detector....

That is not my point here...

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Absolutely, Any detector I have owned has paid for itself and the P.I's much more.
Not an offensive question Jim.
But what matters more is if each detector involved was USED ENOUGH or if not many hours have been invested with it.

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I agree with Frank.....in any kind of detecting you have to stay hooked up to come out ahead.....finding gold is

a ground covering game unless your in a virgin area that's loaded with gold.....

Parks and old homes will produce coins and now and then a piece of jewelry but it's hard to get anything of

great value.....

If I take just the cost of the detector then yes I have paid for each one I've brought....usually with gold nuggets....

but if I figure the vehicle....fuel....meals....repairs.....tires then I doubt that I've come out ahead.....but then I

only beep for the hobby.....most of the guys here make their living hunting gold and their expenses are next to

nothing compared to mine....one of them will have a "clunker" of a car....4-6 of them share the cost of gas....

and they camp in the jungle from Sunday night to Friday night.....home Sat. and Sun to sell their gold and get

more supplies....their equipment consists of a detector (Minelab now)....one coil....a pick and a hammock to

sleep in.....three or four badly beat up pots and pans to cook in.....and their "living" is meager.....

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Jim; This is a hard group to offend-I've tried many times and there is a trove of priceless information to be found here so never be afraid to ask.

I have paid for several detectors, my vehicles, fuel, accessories, and the time I take off from my real job but it is just plain hard work and I live in the center of a good mining area. It's always been a pay as you go proposition with me. I would never write a check depending on what I think I might find.

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Jim, CAN one pay for one's detector? Yes. WILL one pay for one's detector? Not necessarily. MANY factors come into play. In my latest TV ad I mention "the last 73 times out I have found gold. Sometimes it's a $20.00 day, sometimes it's a $1,000.00 day" Total fact. BUT: this is really a hobby for most of us. I am an avid fiherman, but when one considers the overall cost of my fish, I'd be better off buying it at a store. But you rerally can't place a price on fun. Just keep at it, and success will follow. HH Jim

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You do realize that by this statement there is a question of weather any claims on blm are valid claims....

My understanding is that you have to be able for a frugal man to make a living....

No I'm not saying that I am or do live frugally...

But Here in ca. Not brazil, austraila, or alaska....

I can guarantee that I can find 1-2 grains a day.

Its the reason that I have a trailer and a drywasher... but never have I found but 3 or 4 piece that a detector will find...

3 were with a detector 1 was with the drywasher and was and still is my biggest picker.

Hoping when I get out<which should be soon> i'll change that a little..

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Its called the Prudent man rule-can a man prudently working support himself off a claim. In BLM/FS regs. Couple a grains no way as at least 70% not valid as can't pass the economic viability test. Done quite a few,and friends have done a half dozen lately for BLM patent process. I KNOW on hold but process continues on some folks claims,abmiserably but still ongoing fight-John PS-detectors-you could find something today that'll pay for them all of them or never-love it or leave it....

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My thoughts on this subject are that the enjoyment of getting out and detecting, no matter what detector you prefer, pays for the detectors.

As far a money value....one find with one of my detectors paid for all 4 of the detectors I have. That said, I have used my $30 garage sale special in the local parks and it's found as many coins and stuff as any other detector I have and more than (obviously) the other guys that I've seen detecting the same parks. If the cost of the detector means anything, I bet to say I find 90% or more with my $30 garage sale special than what more expensive detectors might find, no matter how much is spent on them.

Still, the value for me is in the hunt and sharing the hunt with my wife and sometimes friends. Even if I skunk, I did good enough just getting out there.

If I figure out all the stuff my $30 garage sale special has help me find, it has not paid for itself. It hasn't even paid for the batteries I put in it! But pulling a silver dime out of the ground is just really cool! :thumbsupanim

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