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Great Gold Basin Hunt

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It was a great day to hunt Gold Basin with friends ( Dolan) Dave Libuszowski, Roy Miller, and long time mentor Stan Santiago.

A few small Gold Basin meteorites were found, but best of all my first gold nugget. Thanks Dave!


Frank C. What do you think, will I get hooked?

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If you don't. we'll have to call the Dr.

Congrats an sorry I missed you guys I was there till monday.

We were talking about you hoping to run into you. Go figure, sorry we missed you. :aw-shucks:

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Aloha guys,

Hey Richard! I guess I am going to have to tell everyone about hearing you yell Oh My God! Man, at first I thought he found a 500+ grammer. But then he yelled out "I found gold". That was awesome to hear from him. Looks like I may just have lost my "mentor" title to Richard. Could not have havnt to a nicer guy.

A BIG MAHALO to Dave for picking me up and inviting me along. Man, was I beat at the end of the day. But after 30 minutes in the Jacuzzi and a cold shower and of course a full course of meds I was gone for the nite. Kept of hearing Richard in my dreams tho! :zzzzz::yesss::yesss:

Aloha and stay well all,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Congrats to Richard, I heard him yelling from 1000 feet away, I thought he ran into a snake. Now you will have the fever Richard, it spreads fast, and there is no cure :Diggin_a_hole: ..... Stan, glad you made it out, it was like hunting with you back in the day. Good to hear you recovered pretty good, you still have it, hiking out into the hills :hiker: , after being gone for a while. Getting out with good friends is what it is all about.


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