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Question about settings for X-Terra 705.


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I have a Minelab X-Terra 705 with the 10x5" 18.75 khz coil and the 10.5" 7.5 khz coil. I was testing the 10x5 on a very small nugget I got a few years back while panning in Jamestown, CA and it only picked it up at about 2 inches max in prospect mode. It is a very small nugget but I would have thought it would pickup a little better. I am going to AZ for awile and will be trying some nugget shooting. If anyone has any experience with the 705 and could give me some pointers on settings I would greatly appreciate it.



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How small is your test nugget? If it is real tiny 2" sounds about right. A nugget out in the wild will often give a better signal than one in captivity. Run the sensitivity as high as you can( until the detector gets obnoxious) When nugget hunting. Work slow, low and careful, EXPECT A NUGGET ON EVERY SWING. Look for exposed bedrock so your lack of depth is not as much a disadvantage and sensitivity is an advantage. For just plain having fun the 705 is hard to beat.

Let us know how it goes.

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Be sure you are in the true prospect mode...I prefer to work in fixed gb and set the iron ignore to zero or a low level. If you work a trashy area use as little descrimination as possible...a xterra is not a goldbug but it will find some pretty small nuggies...

good luck


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As Fred mentioned be sure the Iron Mask is set low ... NO MORE THAN 5 ... anything more and you chance loosing small targets ... and of course gold nuggets are small targets! The Iron Mask will not necessarily "discriminate" gold out but if attached to iron stone of any kind it will be. It also seems that when the Iron Mask is high the detector seems to be dummied down a bit. Just a personal observation in the areas I hunt but be aware.

Mike F

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Well I am hoping that the area doesnt have much iron trash but will probably have some iron ore. I plan on running it with no discrimination just incase there are some metorites. I cant wait till this weekend to go and give it a try.

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