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Hello everyone new to forums but not MDing.


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Hello guys I am new to the forums but not metal detecting. I have been part of Friendly Metal Detecting forums, Tquest, Tnet and a few others for several years. I live in Louisiana so I don't get chances to do gold nugget shooting BUT I will be in the Phoenix, AZ area :Just_Cuz_06: for a month or more for work and will take advantage of the opportunity. I will be joining the Weaver Mining District when I get there and do as much nugget shooting, rockhounding and prospecting that I can get in. I am joining Wearver Mining District because I would rather have a place I know I can go than drive around for hours and never find a place to go. If anyone is part of the WMD let me know how thier claims are and maybe an area of thier claims that I might have better luck at. If anyone has time over the next several weekends maybe we can get a hunt organized.

I have been metal detecting for relics (Civil War) and coins for close to 3 years now but I am a newb when it comes to nugget shooting so if anyone has any pointers or info that might be of use to me please feel free to pass it along.



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Your biggest problem to visiting AZ is leaving as it grows on ya,hope ya have a ball and find some good gold-John

I will be in your neck of the woods sometime this year. We have a base in Redding that I will be visiting. If there was a place I would want to live it would be Redding what a beautiful town.

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Yes especially when it's 125 or rained 2 feet in 24 hours then it's wild man!! Lotsa lakes,rivers and streams and fantastic scenery but always pack a gun when ya visit. Extremely high crime rate and rising fast all over kalif as the prisons are emptied onto the streets-John

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