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Bleeping ethenol in the gas...


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Are any of you guys having problems with the ethenol messing with your plastic parts on the motors?

Seems like my little gas bulb for priming only last about 5 months and its leaking...plus if the 2 strokes sit for a while they get really cranky to start up again.

Does the gas stabilizer work?


Tom H.

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Tom years back when stations like ARCO AM/PM sold fuel with the alcohol blend mechanics would tell you NOT to use those fuels as they would burn holes thru the pistons and cause other damage.
It was true I fried more than 1 2 stroke lawn equipment back then.
As for ethanols I don't know but would think you would be better to stick to big name fuels for quality blends stay away from the cheapo fuel stations for the 2 strokes.
And Marvel Mystery oil added to any fuel is a Good thing for lubrication and cleaning of the system. Been usin it forever. Stabil for fuel longevety if ya let the motors sit idle.
This new formulation of RM+2 GASOLINE HAS A MUCH SHORTER SHELF LIFE amoung other drawbacks I have been led to believe.

As far as yer gas squeeze bulb goes buy a quality one not a chineese manufacturer if possible.

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There Cheating on the Ethonol!

Here is what you do.

Take a Test Tube or any Graduated Container you can.

Baby Food Jar with Numbers on the side?

Put a Known amount of Gas in said jar.

Add a Known amount of water is said jar.

Shake it all Up.

Water will Combine with Alcohol but Not the Gas.

The Difference in the Water Level at the bottom of the Container will tell you how much Alcohol was in it.

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When I first bought our current Ford Focus, I thought it was ethanol friendly. I fueled one day in Havasu with ethanol. The car ran fine (ethanol has a higher octane rating...about 110) but the sensors did not like it. I was freaking at first but after some research calmed down. I just drove it around for about 3 days and filled with gas a few gallons at a time. No damage done. I really wished it was dual fuel, I'd run ethanol if I could. Oh well....lesson learned!

As far as carbs gumming up, they tend to do that with any fuel that will evaporate. Best to run the carb dry before parking or drain the bowl. When I had my shop, cleaning carbs was one of our bread and butter money makers. The slow speed / idle jets were normally the culprit. Does not take much to plug them up.


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Ahhhhhhhh! Good ole marvel use to be in Tyler, Texas. Not sure if it is now or not. I always thought it was mostly transmission fluid. I can remember in the ole days we use to add 1/2 quart of tramsmission fluid to our gas to make the plugs run clean. Ahhhhhhhh the good ole days. The red color gives it away... :yesss:

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I've never had issues with the 10% added ethanol. I have several small engines and never have problems with primer buttons, or plastic internals.

I personally think ethanol is the way to go. It might not get you as many miles per gallon, but generally the reduced cost offsets the lack of distance, and they equal out. I'd run it in my F-150, but there isn't any stations that offer it in my area.

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Reduced Cost? Are You Kidding?

Have you tried to by Corn on the Cob?

It was 8 an 6 for a Dollar and now it's a dollar each.

It does kill the Priming Plunger on mowers . Fuel lines too.

Been there Got more then a few of those T Shirts.

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Down here they are big on sugar eth. Avoid buying a used car that runs "flex" --- trouble is coming.

Now they run 20% in the gas. DO NOT expect response when you need it early in the morn. Or you will be t-boned. Trust me, I learned the hard way --- just glad no kids in car as B and C pillar were severely displaced.

Corn, sugar and all that other stuff should be used for food or booze and dinosaur rot burned in our ICengines.

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