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Let me introduce myself!

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Or actually, the magazine. I'm Butch Holcombe, publisher of American Digger Magazine. No, we are NOT the TV show, but we are starting to expand our coverage into the world of prospecting, with your help. I look forward to meeting you all! Best way to describe our magazine is give the website: www.americandigger.com.

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Hey Butch, welcome aboard, I have attended some of the hunts back in VA, think I met you at one of the picnicks, Did the Hunt with the Ledgends many years ago and a couple of the 1st DIV hunts, Usually stay with John K. when out that way, Great magazine you have there, John presented me witha CS plate at one of the hunts because all the times out there I never found one. I used to be a member of the Virginia Relic Hunters Assn. Really like that Culpepper area. Next time you see John and Rose tell them Allen in MT said Hi.

Allen in MT


Butch is not a part of any of those silly detecting shows you see on Nat Geo. He puts out a 1st class magazine dealing with the civil war and those who recover and preserve those artifacts.

Edited by Allen in MT
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Hi Butch,

Dont know if you have followed Beau Ouimette, from back east, his finds and detecting techniques are just awesome. You could probably write a full year magazine on just him, and not cover everything he has found. I had the pleasure on meeting him and detecting with him. Wish you success on your magazine.


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Hi Butch. Great to have you join the forum. The program I did with you on the March 18th Relic Roundup Show was fun. I'm glad American Digger is expanding its interest to include the hunt for natural gold. Many stories are available here for sharing. Give my regards to Duane Anderson.

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