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Heading to claim

Steel Pan

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Makin' first trip to claim today for the weekend. :yesss:

Lots of downed trees to clear from road.

Sun. will be setup for "Tom" an 18 ft. sluice.

I'll get back to y'all late Sun. or Mon.

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Got into the trinities this week and LOW water already WOW :2mo5pow: loggers stealn' again gotta go bust'm again,dangerous game as they dig canyons and create lakes for water trucks-John

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Only took 5 hrs to go the last mile of the claim road. :tisk-tisk:

Road goes through an old burn area.

Only have about another 1,000 trees to come down on the road. :th:

But hey, it's all good now. :yesss:

Sorry, no pics. Left the camera on the coffee table at home. :grr01:

,,,and "Tom" is doing well. :brows:

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I left the claim on Sun. afternoon.

My Pard stayed up on the claim 'til Tues.

Got snowed on and 'bout froze 'is arse off. :25r30wi:

I told him the storm was commin' in,

but he insisted that it wouldn't be a problem. :idunno:

'e jus' ain't caught on to weather signs yet,

but 'e's learnin' fast. :brows:

Ya gotta watch the clouds, they'll tell the story every time,

then temp, along with wind direction and speed. :old:

I gotta say though, he's catchin' on real fast to readin' Topos

and usin' a transit. :thumbsupanim

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Freezing your --- off tends to implant a lot of wisdom real fast. 18 here yesterday morning and cold all day, nice this afternoon so I'm sneaking out to see if I can find a couple if little ones. Or big ones.

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