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Commander 8" Mono vs Coiltek 6" Mono vs Nugget Finder 8" x 6" Mono

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You know, I really should know better than to pose a question like this. But I really am curious and so I am wondering if anyone has used any of these enough to be able to say if there really is any difference worth noting about them? I have minimal experience with all three, and the Nugget Finder does seem like the best compromise as far as size and shape. Lots of people swear by the Commander. Thoughts anyone?

Steve Herschbach


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Steve I have the NF 14" El DD......the NF 17" El Mono.....and the NF 25" Rd Mono.....I think their the sturdiest coils

built....I've never had one to false or the brackets break....good sensitive coils....

Coiltek coils....Joey DD....Joey Mono....I don't believe any coil will be more sensitive than these two....also have

the 14" Platypus DD....17" El DD.....19" Rd DD(Dingo)....(2) 12x24" UFO Mono's....

Minelab coil....(3) 11" Rd DD's

Now if your going to ask if I only had one which would it be....since I have a lot of foliage here I use the 19" Rd at

every chance but because of the vegetation I then go to the 17" El Mono NF......really heavy veggies then it's the

14" Coiltek DD Platypus....so if only one that would be the one for me.....another consideration for me beside the

veggies is the 19" and the 14" are all terrain and WATER PROOF....

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Steve, I have the CT 6"R Mono, Joey Mono, NF 5x9 Mono and the ML 8R Mono ... The CT6 paid for itself in the first hour of use, ( a 1 grm and a 1/4 Ozt. at 10") then broke internally a couple days later ... Finally, I cut it open and got it fixed with some super glue to hold the wires in place, but I was amazed at how cheaply built it was ... Paper masking tape holding things together .... It is super sensitive and probably fit only for tight bedrock work down to maybe 12", depending on target size, mineralization, moisture, etc.

The Joey Mono is awesome ... Very stable .. Punches deep and great on sub grainers all the way up to sub-ouncers to at least 16" (Maybe more) ... I love it and use it alot.

The NF 5x9 is also extremely sensitive, probably every bit the rival to the Joey ... I used to use it a lot but I've kinda beat it up so it's a little noisy now ... But it was great for scrubbing tight spots and had good depth too.

The old ML8" Mono is almost as sensitive as the other three, but not quite as good on the sub-grainers.

I've got a whole bunch of other larger coils ... Overall my favorite brand is NF followed by CT ...

However, one coil related subject is price: How can White's, Fisher, etc., put out coils for well under $200 and all the ML oriented coils require a person's first borne? Literally 3 - 5 times the cost ... My experience in repairing damaged coils shows me they don't exactly break the bank investing in components ... And the mfgers have trained the market well in expecting to pay higher prices ... Just a thought... Cheers, Unc

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I have yet to see any conclusive proof that one brand works a bit better than another and I know that at times they all have quality control problems so I puchase my coils from a dealer that has always taken care of me (Doc). I'm sure that Bill S. and Rob A. also treat there customers very well. The 6" coiltek is a great little mono and has withstood any abuse I've given it-I'm realy hard on my equipment.

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All are great coils in my opinion and coil size-shape- weight is in the eye of the detectorist :4chsmu1: I tend to choose by my needs as opposed to latest and greatest. I love the 14 x 9 elliptical and my current is Coiltek. These days I think most of the big guys including MINELAB make great coils.

Oh the question is about 8-6 ? I have not strayed from my 8 inch Commander for shallow small washes and other similar situations... Darn coil has been good to me over the years and various models of SD-GP-GPX.....

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I,m really interested in this thread, my go to coil is a nf 6x8,, but my buddy has a test nugget on a poker chip i cant hear a peep from, sounds out great on his AT-gold,, sounds out good on my Goldbug-Pro, but when i swing the ml5000 over it nothing, i do pick up lots of trash smaller then that test nugget as well.

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Steve, I have the NF 6x9 and have found lots of really small gold with it. A couple years ago I was hunting with Lunk down in Quartzsite at the base of Dome Rock and found a 0.2 grain piece with it. Couldn't believe I heard it. It was round so I think that made the difference.,

BTW, are you in Reno now?

Goldbug Ron

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Stop and think about the abuse a coil takes.....they are one of the best made pieces of machinery on this planet.....

All coils are very similar in construction and performance.....and there are so many variables to consider when

deciding which is the best coil....if there was a fool proof way of testing then there might not be enough difference

to worry about, but I don't think there is a fool proof method of testing a coil because of too many variables to

contend with.....

My understanding when a coil is made and also a detector that there is a variance in electrical parts that can

make quite a difference in their performance.....I've read that NASA uses parts with a variance of only +/- 1...

but I doubt that coil and detector manufactures use parts that exacting....think of the price difference between

a +/- 1 and a +/- 5......

Then take the condition of the coil....condition of the detector.....time of day and temps....experience of the

tester him/her self.....size of nugget....angle of nugget in relation to the coil.....minerals in the ground.....

EMI's.....and this is the short list.....

So how is it possible to test all coils under perfect conditions?......I just recently found out that there is no such

thing as being able to tune a coil to a particular detector.....

I have several coils that I use but my choice depends on the conditions of the terrain and vegatation....minerals...

EMI's ect......

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I apologize guys, I was not trying to start a this brand versus that brand thing. Just wanted to know people's personal experience with these three particular coils. Thanks for the responses.

May 17 is my last day at work Ron. I load my wife and the wiener dogs up and drive to Reno late May. Get them settled, the back to Alaska to go detecting all summer. Back to Reno in August, and start detecting across western US.

We got 6" of snow Friday and another 8" yesterday. People are out detecting, and I am shoveling snow. My last winter in Alaska is nearly at an end and I am not going to miss it. From now on Alaska is a summer only gig. For now I am going to focus prospecting and writing and see where life leads me.

If you are into nice gold photos check out my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/detectorprospector I am digging through my photo archives and posting a mining related photo each week.

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Steve, I used the Commander 8" a bunch. It is a super sensitive coil and will go surprisingly deep and runs very stable. I just acquired the new NF Sadie, 8x6 coil. It runs smooth and does not false at all. I have only one day of desert experience with it, but I can see the advantage it has here in my area. It can be submerged. A good friend uses this coil very successfully in our small creeks. Plus I really like how is is excellent in and around rocky areas. I have zero experience with the 6" coiltek.......

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Steve ... Very late to this thread but I use the round 8" Commander mono as my go to coil most of the time in the shallow grounds in the eastern and northern Bradshaws. You won't go wrong with that coil in my humble opinion.

Mike F

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I have used it in mono at THE big digs and have found gold, but I really don't think much of it used as such. I spent quit a bit of time with the new NF Sadie the last few days and am impressed with its sensitivity. If I had a 5000 with fine gold setting, I think it could ALMOST compete with a gold bug's ability, it's a lot more sensitive than the commander 8" and the depth it amazing (using Sense Extra on my 4500.)

Hey Klunker, when we going to hook up again?

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I have had a Sadie for almost a year.

I have had the chance to use it maybe eight times,

probably not enough to have my impressions be definitive, but;

this is a very hot coil.

There is, to me, a noticable difference from the two Joey's I have worn out.

My guess is this is because of a touch of progress on the technology side by NF

plus the fatter elliptical shape that Ms Sadie has...

It does not false as El D. has said (and I have bashed it a lot),

it is light of course, cuz it's little,

and I really think it goes incrementally deeper than any other coil of it's size I have used,

which is most of them...

I think Nv. Chris has looked deeply into the performance of this coil,

perhaps he will jump in...


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Thanks for the info Flak....I had never heard of it until El D.....did his post.....Gholson the NF dist. doesn't

list it on his site........does NF have a site address in AU?....if so I'll try that route....

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Just scored a .7 gram piece with my sadie.....5 inches down...no flase signals , super uber awesome coil....I have also used the 5x10 DD....great if your gona use disc....for shallow targets but not near as deeep as the sadie mono. The 8" Mono commander...great coil also.....and stable.

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